A Man’s Shirt

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.


I hope you have watched Godfather 2, if not then get a chullu, fill it with paani and…..Well, for those of you who knows what I am talking about, let me tell you that I can finally empathise with Mr. Corleone.


There I was happily rambling about magic and stunt doubles and Gaylord Pantpisser Lipistickwala Guddudow – a man who lives so deep in the closet that his neighbor is Mr Tumnus from Narnia.


Just like an egg, I was on a roll.


And then bam, the feminists struck again.


If you follow current affairs, you would know that some scientific types built a machine and then flew it and then landed it on a goddamn comet. They called it the Rosetta Mission (Rosetta stone -hieroglyphics – pushing boundaries of knowledge etc). From any aspect, that is a stupendous achievement, unprecedented in human history. The scientists deserve all the credit and adulation that they can get and then some.


But two things happened.

In a press meet, one of the scientists Dr. Matt Taylor, decided to wear a shirt gifted to him by his friend’s wife (https://twitter.com/ellyprizeman/status/532927131098300416) and Kim Kardhasian went noodie for a magazine (that too photoshopped) and poured champagne on her Arsenal.


So guess which got the feminists’ goat?


A perfect shitstorm of Biblical proportions commenced, feminists worldwide bullied and harassed and abused and humiliated the scientist and tried their best to destroy his reputation and career. They persecuted and bullied him – such barbarity was last seen during the witch trials and inquisition during the medieval ages – and broke him.


Well, Boris, of all people, came to the rescue.


And thankfully, and rightly, the man is now getting a lot of support from humanity


10435915_926179510727577_4802264454763198085_n 10624758_677326722366423_4207485426195552355_n 559604_343155445868470_6573577904218721936_n


Well the feminists are still trying their best to ruin the man; he is persona non-grata no 1 on their list…..no I tell a lie….persona non-grata no 2 (I am no 1), closely followed by Eminem at no 3.


Yes, feminists have decided that Eminem is a misogynist. On the scale of revelations, its somewhere around ice is cold and the sun is hot. But here’s the thing with Eminem, he is a equal opportunity hater – he hates everybody irrespective of colour, race or gender. His hatred is all encompassing.

But that’s just the persona, none of us have any idea about Marshall Bruce Mathers III. The only things we know for sure is that he hates his mother and loves and adores his daughter (she is the inspiration and muse for so many of his songs). Make of that what you will.


So the raging issues of feminism worldwide are a man’s shirt and Eminem.


Meanwhile, the secular government of Iran jailed a woman for trying to watch a volleyball game and the secular government of Indonesia defended a disgusting rule requiring female police recruits to go through a painful, humiliating and reprehensible two finger virginity test.



But hey the feminists have better things to fight against – like a man’s shirt.


Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst just got up from her grave, walked to the nearest hardware store, bought a spade, came back to the graveyard and dug a bigger grave just so that she could turn over in it.


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