The Curse is Strong in This One

You didn’t believe me did you?

You made fun of me. You poo pooed my assertion. You said I was imagining things.

Posted by Bishwaksen Bandyopadhyay on Sunday, July 13, 2014

I told you that based on my history, tragedies are going to happen if Germany won the World Cup.

Well Germany did win the Cup.

And guess what?

That’s right, life has gone all Arsenal.


First, my mother fainted on the road and hurt her head and thus had to be in hospital


Second, an educational game that I had been writing for more than a year got canceled


Third, I fell sick and had to be in hospital


Fourth, modern day vampires in the guise of pathological lab assistants came and cut me open and took a few hundred gallons of my blood while my stunt double Gaylord Pantpisser Lipistickwala Guddow was AWOL


Fifth, my liver got inspired by Khujliwal and went on a dharna and decided to stop working, thereby joining me heart in a tag team of organs that malfunction.


Sixth, the boss went on a rampage abusing me left right and centre so I had to shout back….and one thing led to another….and the basic result is that now I have to search for a job

which means

Seventh, my lifelong dream of a trip to Egypt is in ruins.


So, do you now believe?


Admit it, there is some serious juju out there over my life.


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