The Club Formerly Known as Steaua Bucuresti (Bucharest)

Let me tell you a little story – a story about a football club.

In 1947, some Comrade officers of the Romanian army decided that they wanted a piece of this popular football malarkey. So, they formed a club – Asociația Sportivă a Armatei București (Army Sports Association). 

However, true to the nature of comrades everywhere, they could not make up their minds regarding the name and as a result over the next couple of years, ASA was renamed CSCA (Clubul Sportiv Central al ArmateiCentral Sports Club of the Army) in 1948 and CCA (Casa Centrală a ArmateiCentral House of the Army) in 1950.

Everything went well for the next decade or so, the club managed to win its first titles. In 1961, the essential comradeness became high once again and they changed the name again, this time to Clubul Sportiv al Armatei SteauaArmy Sports Club Steaua or more commonly CSA Steaua Bucuresti.

1970s were a bit of a meh for the club but 80s, boy they kicked ass in the 80s.

They won their national league in 1985,86,87, 88 and 89 and the cup in 85, 87, 88 and 89.

But that’s not all folks.

In 1986, they became the the first Eastern-European team to claim the title of European champions when they defeated Barcelona in the finals of the European Cup/Champions League. [That’s right people, before they got under the tender loving care of Qatar and UEFA, Barcelona used to win the sum total of fuck all and diddly squat In Europe]

They also reached the semi finals in 88 and were the runners up in 1989.

Till date, the club has won the league a whooping 25 times.

So all in all a pretty historic club wouldn’t you agree?  Definitely more glorious than Arsenal. even their derby name is aesome – The Eternal Derby (played against Dinamo Bucuresti)

In 1998, the football club separated from CSA Steaua and changed their name for the final time to FC Steaua București (Fotbal Club SteauaFootball Club Steaua).

And thus was sown the seeds of its current predicament.

You see, now that Steaua is a separate entity from the army, the comrades, in a fit of extreme pique, decided to sue the club for intellectual property violations claiming that they, i.e. the army holds the rights to the Steaua name, logo etc.

And the court has ruled in favour of the army.

The verdict means that the club is currently unable to use their name, crest or club colours – pretty much leaving them without any formal identity.

They had to play their most recent match simply as “Hosts”

In the wonderful mad world of football, this is another glorious chapter of complete bonkerhood.

Hopefully everything will get resolved soon – though truth be told, I hope they register themselves as the “Club with No Name”.

Playing the role of the Man with No Name in the Sergio Leone trilogy catapulted Clint Eastwood into Hollywood royalty (seriously go watch The Good, The Bad and the Ugly).

Who know, playing as the Club with No Name might catapult the club back into European elitedom as well.


4 thoughts on “The Club Formerly Known as Steaua Bucuresti (Bucharest)

  1. Why suddenly this club, of all the others in the world?
    I mean, even Chelsea accomplished a lot… Why so serious?
    Good read though… keep blogging, Fatman.


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