Such Secular, Much Wow

Secularism is actually the separation of government institutions and persons mandated to represent the state from religious institutions and religious dignitaries. The Frenchies first came up with it during their revolution, but as usual, they soon surrendered and began munching on cheese.

Secularism (in India) basically means that people have a right to practice whatever religion they like and that there will be no discrimination based on a person’s religion –  equal treatment of all religions by the state.

However, while Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Taoists and Maoists all have to follow a common law, the Muslims have a separate set of laws based on Sharia.

So, India is not secular as per the laws.

Moreover, as per the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011, government officials have to protect members of the minority communities in case of a riot- if the victims are Hindu, then the government officials don’t have to do anything.

Also, under Sec 74 of the Bill, the burden of people proof lies with the Hindu accused – which is different from the very premise of all criminal law that you are innocent until proven guilty, but hey as per the secular people, if you are Hindu, you are automatically a criminal.

Under Section 18 – which is tantamount to the Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan –  anything said or expressed against the minorities may be taken up as offence under this Act. The Govt. is to keep a constant vigil on this as to who is criticizing minorities, even fair criticizing may invite action by state else the public servant will be prosecuted.

So as per the “secular” people, I am a criminal and should be jailed up to 3 years.


The esteemed “secular” chief minister of UP Mr. Yadav recently gave a press conference where he announced that he had downloaded (an illegal activity btw) the movie PK and have decided to make it tax free. The esteemed “secular” leader of Bihar Mr. Kumar has followed suit.

And the reason for the decision – its a “secular” movie.

And what is meant by secularism nowadays? “Anti-Hinduism”/Muslim appeasement



I am not anti Muslim; hell I am not anti any religion. I am however, vociferously anti- communist and vehemently anti hypocrites and anti- “secular”.

I truly believe 99% of Indian Muslims have better things to worry about, just like the members of every other religions – food, clothing, shelter, family, jobs etc. – normal everyday people with normal everyday worries and anxieties.

The word secularism, as practised and propagated by the Indian AntiNational Congress, the Communists and the Bhaiaji parties, have lost all meaning. According to these hypocrites, conversion to Christianity or Islam is fine and dandy and to be welcomed but conversion to Hinduism is the end of the world. They vehemently protest any anti conversion laws claiming that as not “secular” but at the same time throw the full might of the state machinery against any conversions into Hinduism.

And what exactly have all these “seculars” done for development of the Muslim community anyway? Nothing is the answer. Majority of Muslims are still poor, underdeveloped, undernourished, undereducated and overly exploited.


Secularism has well and truly become sick. Just to take one example – when Pakistani schoolchildren were massacred by terrorists, there was a tremendous outpouring of grief across India along with numerous candle light vigils and marches; when adivasi schoolchildren were massacred by terrorists in Assam, not a single fuck was given by the “seculars”. The same group of people shed oceans of tears for the poor kids of Gaza, but not a single candle was lit when the poor South Korean kids died in that ferry or when the Boko Haram and ISIS abducted all those girls.


However, I still abide by Monsieur Voltaire’s assertion – “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it”….ok not to the death obviously,  I am not going to sacrifice my life so that some Communist somewhere can spew some anti humanitarian garbage, but you know what I mean.

And that is why I am totally against the bully tactics of those Bajrang Dal morons – boycott the stupid movie but you cannot resort to scare and bully tactics against the theaters.

Look, even though I am a RSS supporter, I, in no way, support the activities of these morons.

If I don’t like something, I have 2 options – either I will protest against it or I will stay away from it.

In a free democracy (exact opposite of communism), everybody deserves and has a right to their space and views which is why even those who promote uncouth reprehensible barbaric things concepts like sickularism, casteism, child marriage, untouchability or the East Bengal football club should be able to present their views without fears of violence.

There is a way to protest against something – violence is not the way, you can take recourse i nthe law, you can send petitions or you can sit on dharnas.

I have registered my protest by not watching the movie.

I have issues with the movie – but not because of it’s alleged anti-Hinduness. My faith is not so weak that a mere film will disturb it. Making fun of the false godmen is not anti-Hindusim. However, some scenes like the alien chasing someone dressed as Shiva serve no purpose and could be easily avoided – imagine someone dressed as Mohammed or as Jesus being chased.

My protest is against the film having a Pakistani character as the hero.

I have no problem with Muslim appeasement – as long as the Muslims are Indians. Indian Muslims are mostly poor people and anything which gives them a chance for a better life is to be welcomed.

I do however, have a problem with Pakistan and have boycotted anything and everything to do with that country.


Now many of you will claim that the Pakistan government and the Pakistan people are separate entities.

I have 3 arguments against this.

1. You get the government you deserve. No government survives without popular support. And unfortunately the majority of Pakistani people support people like Hafeez Saeed, Osama bin Laden, Laqhbi, Dawood Ibrahim and things like the blasphemy law, under which not only are people of the minority religions of that country burned alive or shot without any repercussion but even the state gives out death sentences for the crime of being members of minority religions.

Show me one mass scale protest against the blasphemy law or in support of the minorities or against people like bin Laden or Saeed or Dawood to counter my argument.

2. Why was it necessary anyway? One of India’s major problems is casteism. Why couldn’t the hero and heroine be from different castes? Or hell even from different religions? Why drag Pakistan into it? It smacks of Pakistan appeasement and brings into focus the finance related questions.

3. All those who are ok with glorifying Pakistan or even Pakistani individuals, and claim that the government and the people are separate, I suppose you also supported the South African government during the apartheid era. The situations are somewhat similar. There also the government was separate from the people. Yet you didn’t have a problem with the world blocking the country and imposing all manners of economic sanctions against it. In fact, everyone welcomed it.

So why the u turn in the case of Pakistan?

I am not advocating war. That should be the lastest of the last resort.

But why no economic sanction?

People like Adnan Sami or Wasim Akram or Shoaib Akhtar or the countless other actors, actresses and rockstars – just to take examples – are people with mass followings, they have a voice, when they speak, people listen and thus change may happen when these people come out in condemnation of their government’s policies. And that will only happen when they feel the pinch in their pockets, else they will forever remain silent publicly.

As a first step, stop glorifying Pakistan.


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