Its Time to Rise

I hope/guess that by now all of you have heard about what happened in Paris, where journalists of Charlie Hebdo were massacred by some Muslim terrorists.

Around the world people (of course with the exceptions of the left wing intelligentsia/Indian AntiNational Congress and other “secular” parties) have condemned this.  To their immense credit, normal moderate Muslims worldwide have also condemned this unjustifiable act.

It is time that everybody rises up against fanaticism and intolerance and terrorism.

Of course, our “secular” left wing media will not have the balls or the gumption to stand up to the terrorists.


The terrorists objected to satire.

So it is my duty and responsibility to stand shoulder to shoulder with the cartoonists and victims and do whatever I can against the war on terror.

So here I am sharing the cartoons which so angered and infuriated the intolerant terrorists.


infamous Charlie-Hedbo-18-Sept-2012 10914636_536566006458634_608263392_n original charlie-hebdo-naked-mohamed ibmFoGqgLLlaKG-e1348078568183 charlie-hebdo-caricatures covers



Protest against me all you want and call me fascist if that pleases you, but it is the duty of every right thinking individual – anybody who believes in freedom of speech and satire – irrespective of religious or political affiliations to share these.


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