One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I don’t know if this news caught your eyes but in Raigarh in Chattisgarh, the people have voted an eunuch Madhu Kinnar as the mayor.

Of course, she isn’t the first one;  Kamla Jann and Asha Devi were elected before – in Katni and Gorakhpur respectively – but were unseated/disqualified by the courts for standing in seats reserved for women.

Madhu Kinnar’s seat is unreserved and thus, barring some political fuckwittery, she should be able to complete her term.

Here’s wishing her the best of luck and may she be able to fulfill her promises and help the people.

Eunuchs are probably the most despised and downtrodden group in India with no rights, no protection, so safety and any step which goes towards giving them respect and dignity is to be respected and applauded.

Good for you people of Raigarh. Its a positive step forward.


But this being India, when we take one step forward, somewhere some left wing secular intelligentsia will find a way to drag us backwards.

In this case, the honour belongs to Mr. Markandey Katju, a former Supreme Court Judge, a former Chairman of the Press Council of India and a beloved supporter and arsekisser of the Indian AntiNational Congress.





Can you imagine the brouhaha if a BJP person had said something like this? Comparing homosexuals to dogs/horses/flower plants for the sake of argument?

And not only that, his logic is flawed as well – marriage happens when 2 adult human beings decide to spend the rest of their lives together. As long as both the parties in the marriage are adults and able to make their own decisions, it is not the state’s business to poke its nose into it.

The state has to determine two things – if both parties are adults, and if both parties consent to the union. The state should have better things to do than to worry about either part’s gender. It just should not matter.

Shame on you Mr. Katju for making such retarded statements.

But then again he has previous.

As you can see from this article, he has stated that “a woman has to get hold of a man, not merely to make her pregnant, but also to look after her and provide for her financially while she is performing this role.” and “Women who remain single are prone to have psychological problems.”

Our so called liberal secular media made huge hues and cries in his support when under the orders of his political masters he attacked BJP. He was projected as a beacon of liberalism etc.


Now that his real nature has come out for all to see, will the media have the balls or the will to criticise him?

The simple answer is no – and therein lies the unabashed unfettered hypocrisy, cowardice and corruption of our left wing liberal secular media.


As you can understand, I am completely in favour of gay marriages. I firmly believe that they have as much right as anybody to be miserable for the rest of their lives.


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