Snip Snip

Once upon a time there was a race called the Vikings. They were a badass group of people who repeatedly beat the living shit out of the Angles, Saxons, Russians and of course the Frenchies. The Vikings were from Scandinavia – Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Iceland. In fact the Normans – you know the lot who conquered and ruled England – were Vikings.

The Vikings travelled all over, and were the first ones to reach and settle in North America. Viking lore gives us Odin, Thor, Loki, that giant snake which hugs the world, that big ass tree of life, the wolf Fenrir, Valkyries and Valhalla.

The Vikings are famous for two things – their wanderlast which took them all over the world and the prominent roles women played in their society. Women had equal rights and the same status as men and many even joined the men in battles and raids. Of course, the Abrahamaic religions destroyed all that.

The Vikings believed that the end of the world will come when that snake uncoils itself and the wolf eats the sun and there will be one final battle between Odin’s troops and the demons, giants etc.

They were wrong, they were wrong people.

The end of the word will come when the Feminazis finaly take over the world.

And the process has started in Sweeden.



That’s right people, in a world where women are being trafficked, abused, raped, forced into genital mutilation, and taken into slavery and raped by ISIS, Boko Haram etc, the Feminazis decided that the most vital problem women are facing is that of a penis on a heraldric lion.

You can pretty much guarantee that Michelangelo’s  David is next.


Just like the Nazgul, the Feminazis will not stop, will not rest till every single willy everywhere has been cut off people (literally or metaphorically)

Save your selves people


And more importantly, save your Johnsons.

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