Not as per Plan

One characteristic that separates humans from all other animals is the human tendency to complicate simple things.

We love complicating all aspects of our lives in umpteen ways and we have taken that trait to football as well.

There is so much talks of strategies and tactics and formations – whether 4-4-2 is better or whether its 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 or -3-5-2.

Football is essentially a simple game, either shoot at the goal or pass it to a teammate. And because of its “jumpers for goalposts” nature, anybody and everybody – even a fatlad like me could play it.

I was decentish, never any good, but at least i had the basics right. I could pass, I could receive, I could run short distances with the ball and I could tackle, block and intercept passes – I was a defender. and never could score a goal.

Another thing which I could do was to take a decent throw in.


Unlike this numbnut here.


What he is doing is strictly illegal, its a foul throw. I can understand why he is doing it – to impress girls – but what I don’t understand is how the team coach is allowing him to do it. If I ever tried something like this, my coach would have given me a clip around the ear and a boot up my ass.

Any halfway competent defender can deal with throws like that.

I guess the plan is to have a flat arched ball going straight at the keeper, but more often that not, the ball is not going to move as per plan.


Which brings to the laddie who was standing near the line in the 2nd video/vine in the link above.


You poor poor poor sad wee dumbass.


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