I am the first to agree that there is a lot of weird shit out there.

A lot.

And most of it usually comes from Japan.

But here’s something not from there (at least I don’t think it is)

Its the brand new drinking game/challenge and its as weird as it gets.

We have had drinking games before, hell we have had them since the time of the ancient Greeks. Kottabos was their drinking game.

Beer pong is one of the all time hot favourites.

We have also had binge drinking games, especially to do with award shows, movies or television series.

And then there was that frankly extreme and dangerous Neknominate….I know cause i took part in that with predictably hilarious and painful consequences (hilarious for the Guddudow, painful for me).

And now there is this

The rules are simple, you need to drink a shot or pint or peg every time the track or tune changes. Its an hour long playlist full of Gregorian chants…..remember Eningma? This is something like that. Gregorian chants were technically related to religious services performed by the monks and friars in the medieval abbies and convents and friaries etc.

It takes an exceptional brain to relate that with getting drunk. But who is complaining.

Ignore the video, just play the music and…..

Drink up me hearties, yo ho ho


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