As always, I have been vindicated.

I speak the truth but because it is unpleasant, I get mocked and shunned and abandoned. People hate me for speaking he truth, but the truth is strong people, the truth is out there.

But I cannot be silenced despite the abuses and criticisms from the Bengali “secular” liberal left wing “intelligentsia”.


I have been telling/stating/shouting for the last two decades about the duplicity, depravity and flat out fraudulence of the Bengali “secular” liberal left wing “intelligentsia”.

I asserted repeatedly that these so called intellectuals are liars and cheats propped up by the “secular” liberal left wing “intelligentsia” and political parties. These people are empty headed doofuses with not a single independent idea of their own – they just parrot whatever is the “cool” thing to say (usually against Hinduism and Sanskrit).


These pseudos like to wear pretentious clothes, walk in a pretentious manner, talk in a pretentious manner, carry pretentious accessories  and generally behave in a holier than thou attitude with a sneering condescension towards us working classes.  And theses pseudos usually congregate around literature and philosophy (western of course, Indian philosophy is uncool and not “secular”) and  other cultural studies related subjects and seminars in order to prove to the world that they are so much better.

They always carry a book or try to quote from philosophers like Derrida or Foucault etc irrespective of whether the quote makes sense or not. They don’t understand a single syllable of these philosophies but know how to  utter a lot of obfuscating claptrap in order to sound knowledgeable.


I have been preaching against this bunch of nincompoops for decades know and finally, the wider world agrees with me.

If anything the statisticians have erred on the side of caution and have given too low a figure. Its actually 91% of the so called Bong “secular” liberal intelligentsia who are frauds and liars.


Do the world a favor. Get out of your house, walk/run/drive down to your nearest market and buy about 50 eggs and 100 tomatoes. Then come back home with the eggs and tomatoes and mix them up.

Next time you see a Bong “intellectual” throw a portion fo this rotten mixture at them.

The world will be a better place for it.

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