Ban Female Genital Mutilation

Every century is known for something, something which changed the face of human civilisation.

The 11th century saw the conquest of Britain.

The 12th century had the crusades.

The 13th century was famous for Genghis Khan and the Mongol invasion

The 14th century had Renaissance and the Black Death.

The 15th century had the fall of the Roman empire, the discovery of the new world and the Europeans coming to India.

The 16th century saw the beginning of the Shia Sunni struggle, as well as the struggle between Protestantism and Catholicism and the birth of the Sikhs.

The 17th century was the time of discovery and philosophy and Galileo, Descartes, Kepler, Pascal, Newton, Leibniz and many other great minds.

The 18th the time for colonisation and revolutions

The 19th century was for industrialisation

The 20th century was the time of inventions and computers and Hollywood.


So far so good?

So what is the 21st century going to be remember for?


Well, going by the last 15 years, the 21st century is going to be famous for banning.

Don’t like something? Ban it ban it at once!!!

The last few hundred years’ enlightenment and Renaissance and reformation and liberty are all being destroyed by growing levels of intolerance and selfishness.

Banning has now become an unstoppable force and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon – the right wing, the left wing, the feminazis, the media, everybody likes nothing better than to ban stuff.


Unfortunately, most of the things getting banned are harmless stuff, the truly evil things are still going on.

Pedophilia is one such thing. All right thinking individuals worldwide acknowledge that it is a horrible thing and that there is to be no leniency ever to perpetrators and the children should be protected etc etc.

At least in theory.

If you have heard of the Rochdale grooming case and the Rotherham scandal, you know how despicable the situation was. Thousands of young white girls were systematically raped and gang raped by gangs of Pakistanis for years.

The careworkers, the police, the government all turned a blind eye to it for fear of offending “Muslim sensibilities” and for fear of being labeled as “Islamophobic”.

Being “secular” was considered more important than protecting young girls.


If you are in India and have never heard of this, well, what can I say. In India, you are not supposed to report anything where the criminals belong to a particular religion, else you will be termed a right wing fascist.


Pedophilia has got absolutely nothing to do with religion, zero, zilch, nada. Its a worldwide problem and zero-tolerance should be shown in cases of pedophilia.

Race, creed, nationality, religion, caste, nothing should matter, nothing should take precedence over the protection and care of children.

Ban pedophilia – period.


There is another thing which needs to be banned today, right now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month.

Its female genital mutilation.

Under the guise of religion, hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide belonging to a particular religion are forced every year to undergo this humiliating, painful (often life threatening), despicable act where their clitorises are cut off.

Apparently, if you have a clitoris, it means you are a woman of loose morals!!!! As far as sick, twisted, deranged logic goes, there’s not much worse out there.


“With 130m women and girls thought to be living with FGM across the world, and prevalence rates still high in many of the 29 countries in Africa and the middle east where FGM is still carried out, campaigners still have much work to do.”


And it may come as a shock to us, but apparently it is practiced in parts of India as well.


What kind of a sick, twisted, depraved, inhumane practice is this!!!

And we tolerate this because its a religious practice????

There is absolutely no justification for tolerating this. This has to be banned right now, and not a token ban.

There has to be an UN resolution signed by every country in the world banning this. The rule should be simple- if FGM happens in your country and you don’t take action against the perpetrator, you will be kicked out of UN and put under every kind of sanction imaginable and will be arrested and tried in Hague as criminals.

Look at it this way, FGM is the equivalent of sati system. As the Roop Konwar/Kanwar/Kanwal event in Rajasthan showed us, there are thousands of superstitious people still around who, given half a chance, will happily go back to medieval practices, no matter how brutal or inhumane, in the name of religion.

Female genital mutilation is a barbaric ritual which has no place in the world.


If you consider yourself a human being you need to speak out against this, irrespective of your national, religious, political or social affiliations.


We love banning things and it is about time we use it to make the world a better place.

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