The Mauka of Admaking

Television is full of crap advertisements – take your pic from any of the beautycare products or Airtel or Thums Up or the television ones or mobile phones or the deodorant ones (which encapsulates everything that is wrong with society today).

Its a whose who of crapness.

Some don’t even pretend to create anything, just sticks a celeb on screen, hoping that will do the trick. Most are incredibly loud and some are just obnoxious (again the beauty more specifically the fairness products)

Some think that it is ok to make fun of husbands and project them as fools and idiots.


Only a very few actually create something interesting and beautiful.

Who can forget the Hamara Bajaj ads or the original Dairy Milk ads?

It begs the question about what just what the fuck the advertising agency people do? I mean what kind of creative brainstorming goes on behind an ad where the end product is just sticking Sonakshi Sinha and a group of random dancers (with obligatory blonde) to advertise chappals??

You are supposed to be creative people (and as someone in a semi-creative job, it really really bugs me when this kind of shit gets approved)

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I know its not easy, it does not come naturally to everybody, but come on, you are getting paid for this. Have some decency, have some self-respect, stop coming up with gutter trash and actually use your brains for a change.

Its not impossible, its not rocket science, here are some other good/funny ads


Vodafone India has been consistently great in this regard – with the pug, then the zoo zoos and now the Red ads set in an European town (with absolutely no dialogue).


Pepsi used to have good ones.

Cadbury’s more often than not comes up with good ones. The Silk ones are quite sweet.

Adidas usually comes out with fantastic ads (Nike has a more hit and miss quality to it) – Impossible is Nothing remember.

Havells used to come up with good advertisements before they messed it up with the Respect Women ones.


The most consistent company when it comes to superb advertisements is undoubtedly Pidlite – Fevicol and Fevikwik and MSeal.


The bus one’s my personal favorite. Along with the Vodafone ads, these Fevicol ads prove that you dont need celebs or loud singing and dancing or beautiful models or lots of dialogue to create something wonderful and to pass on the message.

The Guddudows of this world – you know the YOLO and BAE generation – probably will not understand or appreciate these, but boy they are good.


Amongst the relatively recent ads, the ones which catch the eyes are the Google reunion ads and that Tanishq ad and this KBC ad and the best of the lot – the Nescafe one with the stammering comedian


This is WC year, so naturally we have the WC ads. The We Won’t Give it Back ads are a bit cliched. I think even the Star Sports people figured that out, and came up with frankly hilarious Mauka ads.


First we had the agony of a pakistani fan against India in the World Cup


Then, following the same theme, we had a play on India’s dismal record against the Saffers in the WC


And now we have the Pakistani man and the South African duo getting all upset and putting their eggs in UAE’s baskets so to speak

These ads are short, they don’t have celebrities (a huge plus), not too loud, have a theme which immediately catches everyone’s attention and offends nobody (except possibly the Feminazis/Commies/”seculars”/politically correct mafia- but they get offended by everything anyway so)

Furthermore, they showcase advanced planning and risk taking. Let’s face it, this being the Indian cricket team, humiliations against the Porkistan and Saffers would not have surpised anybody and at such a scenario, the 2nd and 3rd ads could not have been played., and the whole production would have been a loss of money.

But they took a chance and it has payed off spectacularly.

Which gives us a moral that if you really believe something is good, and make something good, go ahead and take a chance, success might be within grasp.


Of course another approach for success is Robert the Bruce’s try and try and try again approach.

An approach followed by Idea.

In Indian telecom, BSNL and Vodafone are the behemoth and leviathan. Airtel gamely fights them on as does Reliance (but are more and more in the also ran category).

And then there is Idea.

For years they have been trying to play catch up, and for years they are making commercials with different themes.

They had the walk when you talk series

Then this one about language not required to talk


Then, possibly their best and catchiest – the honey bunny one


They had one about cultural diversity

One about their 121 number

And the “no ullu bannaoing” ones


Now we have the Idea Internet Network ads. This is the first one in the series, with a good message about perseverance etc.

The only issue I have with this is the unrealistic concept – IIT or bakery

The young lad did not get admission in IIT, ergo he has to sit in bakery, because India does not have a single engineering college apart from IIT right?

The other ones in the series include a guide in Rajasthan, a village lady in Haryana and a teacher in Assam.

I have no issues with the Rajasthan or Assam but I wonder why the Haryana lady is so angry?

I mean I get it that you have been barred from going out to college, but you are literally getting all the education you want while sitting on your arse at home, and your friends are right there with you…what is more comfortable?

And I speak that purely from a perspective from someone who mainly works from home.

Getting up, getting ready and then getting on public transportation to go to school/college/office is one of life’s cruelest and most irritating challenges, its a soul tarnishing, spirit sapping activity certainly designed by one of Satan’s minions.

Come on lady, be happy….of course unless your boyfriend is stuck in college, then I can understand the anger!!


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