The Geeks Shall Inherit the World

It is true, soon the geeks will rule the world. Just think about Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkins, Sergei and Larry, Jobs and Wozniak, Zuckerberg, Alan Turing, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf, Sir Tim Berners Lee, Bram Cohen, Michael Hart, that AliBaba guy etc, they have carried on the legacy of legendary geeks throughout the ages with their inventions.

Hell today some of our superheroes are also geeks.

Mr. Bruce Banner (Hulk) – a scientist

Mr. Tony Stark (Iron Man) – a scientist

Mr. Barry Allen (Flash) – a lab guy

Professor Charles Xavier – a PhD and behavioral scientist

Dr. Jean Gray – scientist

Dr. Hank McCoy – scientist

Mr. Bruce Wayne – he is Batman

All of them are geeks and by all accounts Mr. Peter Parker is a geek too.



There is however, one reason, the geeks have not inherited the earth already.

Cast your mind to distant antiquity… see there was this neanderthal who hated walking, running, hunting and any other type of exercise so much that he stayed in his cave all day fiddling with stuff. he was so antipathic to locomotion that he was forever thinking of something that will carry him with minimum effort – he invented the wheel.

Another legendary geek of antiquity – the guy who experimented and discovered/harnessed fire.

We Indians have always respected and venerated geeks here. We are perhaps the only country in the world where physical prowess is not all that important ,what matters is mental prowess.

Mr. Kautilya was a famous geek, so was Mr. Patanjali, Mr. Sushruta, Mr. Brahmagupta, and so was Mr. Aryabhatta.

He proposed that the earth rotates on an axis. He developed the sine, cosine etc and so gave birth to trigonometry (why man why), he did weird things to algebra and that number pi, he more or less accurately calculated the circumference of the planet and the length of the sidereal rotations and sidereal years. He explained eclipses.

But perhaps his greatest achievement, and the one for which he is really famous is the invention of absolutely nothing. Yes people, the legend invented 0.

Other famous Indian geeks are Mr. Bose, Mr. Bose, Mr. Raman, Mr. Kalam etc–_b_3600137.html

If we look at the western world, the first name which comes to mind – Archimedes. Then there is Guttenberg and all those Scotsmen.

Another famous geek was Leonardo da Vinci. The man is widely thought of as the most diversely talented man in history. Apart from his painting,s he also conceptualized a hang glider, a helicopter, a tank, a calculator an automated bobbin winder and a machine for testing the tensile strength of wire. He did lots of research on optics, anatomy etc.

Now we come to Sir Isaac Newton who when confronted with an apple, discovered gravity, instead of eating said apple. Then there is Mr. Galileo, Mr. Copernicus, Mr. Bohr and the awesomest of them all Mr. Tesla.


These geeks are the true immortals. As long as humanity lives, so will they.

And how did they manage to do all these?

They more or less stayed away from love and women.

That’s it.

The formula to immortality lies in staying away from any and all situations that may lead to love.

Stay single, stay happy, conquer the world.


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