The Biriyani Diet

Let me tell you a story.

A story about a boy called Nishant.

Over a period of 60 days, Nishanth lost three kilos and also put up considerable amount of muscle. He did so by following a particular type of diet.

Nishanth’s measurements before he started the diet:

Shoulder – 43″
Chest – 37″
Waist – 35″
Hips – 41″
Biceps (L) – 13″
Biceps (R) – 13″
Quads (L) – 22″
Quads (R) – 21.5″

Body weight – 83.0 kgs


After completing the diet:

Shoulder – 46″ (up by 3″)
Chest – 38″ (up by 1″)
Waist – 33″ (down by 2″)
Hips – 40″ (down by 1″)
Biceps (L) – 13.5″ (up by 0.5″)
Biceps (R) – 13.5″ (up by 0.5″)
Quads (L) – 22.5″ (up by 0.5″)
Quads (R) – 21″ (down by 0.5″)

Body Weight – 81.2 kgs



So what’s this highly effective that Nishanth used?

Soup diet? Fruit diet? Spartan diet?

Well, not exactly

Nishanth ate chicken biriyani thrice a day for 50 days straight.

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Once upon a time, I went on a diet. This was at a time when I had hopes and dreams and before I had resigned from life of course. I used to eat 1 carrot and 1 apple throughout the whole day and 2 pieces of roti (bread) and a piece of chicken at night.

For 6 goddamn months.

I lost a total of 8 kilograms – from 94 kgs, I became 86 kgs.

(I scored the century much later, after my resignation…I have successfully maintained it ever since…currently 104)

But to come to the point,

I eat  1 carrot and 1 apple throughout the whole day and 2 pieces of roti (bread) and a piece of chicken at night to lose 8 kgs in 6 months.

Average – 1 kilo 300 odd gms pm

Nishanth eats 50 packets of biriyani and  loses 1.8 kgs in 1.5 months.

Average – a little over a kilo pm


Just what exactly is the purpose of living anymore?

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