Exceeded All Expectations

So we lost to Australia, again

And as is our habit, the media and some sections of the moronic junta are trying to start a witch hunt and a lynch mob against the players as if they have committed some heinous crime.

But here’s the thing, have they really done that badly?

Yes, in the semis, they lost to a much superior side.

But that’s sports. You win some you lose some, and the better team wins more.

Sure we can analyse the reasons we lost, but to claim that the players weren’t dedicated or were distracted or lost deliberately or as per the Times’ moronic suggestion – that they should say sorry – are just wrong.

Some are saying that the team was unprepared or that they didn’t have a plan.


There was a plan – Australia just played better and destroyed the plan. Why is it so hard to understand?

The moments that changed the match –

  1. That Jadeja lbw appeal and review – who knew what would have happened if the decision went India’s way?
  2. The last 5 overs when Mitchell Johnson beat the crap out of the ball; those extra 30,35 runs at the end took the match away from India
  3. Kohli’s rush off blood to the head leading to that hook shot
  4. The Steve Smith appeal and review which led to Rahane’s dismissal
  5. The 2 run outs from direct hits


All these are part and parcel of the game, they happen in every match. Yesterday they went against India, many days they go for India.

There’s no point crying about all that.

Come on people, be mature, do we want the rest of the world to think we are Bangladesh?

And anyway going by what had happened in the last year or so with humiliations against South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia, out lads exceeded all expectations. Admit it, not many of us were 100 % confident of India even reaching the quarter finals when the WC started.

They were brilliant in the group stages and the quarter finals. The bowlers, especially were a revelation. The batsmen all contributed in turn and the fielding, overall, was sumptuous.

So what more can we ask from them?

yes, we lost, but we had a really really good show and attempt.

The boys tried their best and at the end of the day, that’s all anyone can ask for.

We are proud of you.

We won’t give it back didn’t quite work out.

But, one day, we will take it back.


2 thoughts on “Exceeded All Expectations

    1. Making jokes about Kohli and Sharma is one thing…as long as they are in good spirits….but all these self proclaimed experts suddenly are experts at playing world cup semi finals against Australia at Australia and are strutting around as if they have never had a bad day in office and are cricketing gods….as for the media, the less said about those hypocritical corrupt fuckwits the better….
      true sports lovers know you win some you lose some and as long as the players give their 100% we accept the results ….. overall the boys played fantastically and made us proud


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