Je Suis Clarkson

I am sure most of you have heard about the Jeremy Clarkson BBC fiasco by now. If not, let me give you a summary.

You see Top Gear UK produced by BBC is one of the if not the most popular reality show around the world. Its certainly the most watched. Annually it gives BBC profits that goes into millions and millions. BBC, being a non-profit organisation, utilises this money by producing umpteen number of shows and hours and hours of programming.

The BBC rakes in £50million selling the programme to 214 ­countries as well a £7.4million in global ­circulation from Top Gear ­magazine. It also makes £7.5million in ticket sales from live shows.

keep-calm-and-enjoy-top-gear-1 go-mad-and-love-top-gear

Top Gear UK is, by essence, a show about cars. There are hundreds of such shows around the world. What makes Top Gear UK unique and such a global hit is its presenters – Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and lest we forget, the living legend the immortal STIG – the only man with the power to make Smaug, Khan, Sherlock Holmes, Julian Assange and Alan Turing go week in the knees .

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Over the years, Top Gear have had some cracking adventures. My personal favorites are the ones in
Vietnam where they drive old motorbikes,
Botswana with Oliver the car, tumblr_meumen8Pec1ru1ekho1_500
Uganda and Kenya where they go in search of the source of the Nile,
India, where James May lost Bombay,
South America, where they travel from the Amazon to the Atacama desert to the Pacific, 036e67e833be423dd769d804859e2d18_origin_Top-Gear-memes-11
Burma, where they build a bridge on the river Kwai, top_gear_meme_by_noz115-d83k7e6and
the Middle East, where they travel from Iraq to Israel to find the Baby Stig.


The shows are extremely fun, or to be precise were fun.

Because the BBC pulled the plug.

A few weeks ago, while shooting, Jeremy Clarkson got into an altercation with one of the producing stuff. Apparently it stemmed from food. After a long day of shooting when the presenters came back,they found that there was no hot food available.

Words were said and apparently there was some pushing and shoving and allegedly a punch thrown.

BBC fired Clarkson. And as Hammond and May have previously stated that its a all for one and one for all deal, that is, either all 3 will present together, or none, that heralds the end of the Top Gear Uk as we know it.

Sure, the BBC can try with new presenters, it will be a failure.

When news of Clarkson’s suspension first came up, an organisation called Guido Fawkes started an online petition asking BBC to bring back Clarkson. Within 1 eek, it got 1 million signatures.

Guido Fawkes drove a tank in central London and delivered the petition to BBC.

As the news of his firing came out, there was mass cancellation of BBC licenses. Hundreds of thousands more have said that they will not renew their licenses.

The decision will cost BBC millions and will signal the end of many other programmes due to lack of funds. The big boys like Dr Who and Sherlock will be safe but it will be the smaller stuff with less viewership, the documentaries etc which will face the music. Just for example, last week BBC showed a documentary instead of Top Gear. It got 4.5 millions less viewers. Who knows how many people will lose their job.

Its a sad state of affairs.

Pity the BBC. They did not have a way out. On the one hand if Clarkson had punched someone, it was a very serious offence. On the other hand, the man earns BBC millions which goes into keeping hundreds in employment.

Maybe the BBC should have just suspended him without pay and imposed fines on him. But they were under severe pressure to fire him.

You see, over the years, Clarkson made a reputation of being a bluff call a spade a spade kind of person. Through his tv show and his weekly columns on newspapers he had attacked both the neanderthal right and the enemies of humanity – the commies. So both groups were gunning for him.

You know you are doing something right when both the right and the left make you the common enemy.

Clarkson, Hammond and May won’t have any problems getting employment. There are billions of fans worldwide (I am one of them) and they can pretty much walk into any channel in the world and quote their price and the channel will crawl on their hands and knees to employ them.

They are all multi millionaires anyway.

So as usual it will be the little guys who will suffer.

And all because of 2 minutes’ of rage.

This is precisely why inner peace is so important people, it teaches you to keep calm.




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