As Long as The Doggie Lives

Recently I read a book by Peter James.

Its set in Brighton in England and is a part of a series all with names starting with Dead Man.

This one was Dead Man’s Grip.

Its not exactly a mystery novel, you can call it a thriller.

Anyway, its about boy who dies in an accident and whose mother then appoints an assassin to torture and kill the 3 people directly or indirectly responsible for it.

The assassin has previously left a man tied in an empty tunnel and let loose starving rats on him, so basically the dude was eaten alive piece by piece.

He kills one person here by gluing the dude to a steering wheel of a car and then slowly drowning the car in water. He kills another by hanging the dude from a hook in a meat locker and freezing him to death.

Worst of all, he kidnaps a wee laddie and then tries to tear him apart through a ship’s propellers.

And all throughout, I am hoping that the assassin dude doesn’t get caught.


All because the dude has a dog whom he has rescued from the street. If dude gets killed or caught, doggie goes back on the street, and to me anything bad happening to a doggie is truly tragic and has to be stopped.

Its also the weird reason I don’t feel anything about Paul Walker’s death (RIP and all that) while the rest of the world is crying rivers (although not a single fuck is given for the Kurdish or Yazdi people killed by ISIS or the Nigerians and Kenyans killed By Boko Haram and Al Shadab (sic)). All because he acted in a movie¬†called Eight Below where his character leaves a bunch of huskies chained without food in the Antarctica winter.

And I am a man who loves Ramsay Bolton.

Yes I know its an unhealthy outlook.

It probably stems from my inability to save my dog from murder or my inability to bring the murderer to justice.

Scarred for life, that’s what I am.


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