We have all see and heard what happened to Nepal. More than 3000 have already died, that figure will definitely rise a lot, especially now that Apparently all our thoughts and prayers are with the earthquake victims in Nepal – well as per social media at least. Hypocrites Unless something happens to us personally, we have our demons to battle against, and don’t have the energy nor will to care about unknown unnamed victims thousands of kilometers away. Its not that we don’t care, we just can’t care enough and to pretend otherwise is hypocrisy. Its a disaster of epic proportions. The loss in life a tragedy enough, compound that with the pain of the hundreds of thousands who have lost family members, homes, belonging, crops etc. And to top it all of off is the loss of history. Humans live, humans die, that’s a part of life. But our creations are immortal, our arts, our sculptures, out literature and our architecture. Nepal was a treasure trove of such immortal stuff – the beauty, the majesty, the grace of Nepal’s buildings truly gave us a sense of history as well as what it actually means to live and to create.  The UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites were living history, as such their destruction is truly calamitous; you can’t put a value to the loss. 33053087-7ca3-407a-aa7d-7b6f051a8d61-620x372 To come back to the people, if you can, try and help the people directly. Humans are inherently corrupt and there will spring up thousands of charities that will claim to help the victims – you know and I know where the money will end up. If you are fit and healthy and can do it then volunteer with the relief operations. Most of us can’t do that, so  at least donate to the PM Relief Fund or UNICEF or Red Cross, you know for sure that a major part of the money will go towards the actual relief operations. On a side note, kudos to the Indian Railways for the water donations; the telecom companies who have slashed rates or even made calls free to Nepal and the airlines who have slashed airfares to and from Nepal. The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara has announced that it will send 25000 food packets everyday. And of course kudos to RSS who have sent 20000 volunteers with relief materials to help wherever they can. Of course, the media will ignore that. And finally, no praise in enough for our army men, who are always there when we need them most. Under our PM’s leadership, they did wonders in Kashmir and Yemen and now were the first ones on the ground ready to help in every capacity. Any and all help will well help and that will help the victims much more than shedding Asutosh tears on social media or holding candlelight vigils.   Asutosh  Everyone who wants to help is already helping or is creating concrete plans to help while AAP is asking people to beg them for help.11152349_814342951983293_5840339604911666784_n   Personally speaking, I was scared when the world started moving. I didn’t even think it was an earthquake, I thought I was having a stroke or something. I was trying to read the newspaper when to my astonishment and consternation, my eyes could not focus and my hands and legs started shaking. I just went back to bad. It was about half an hour later that I heard – courtesy my mom – that it was an earthquake. And what do you know, its not the first, and it most definitely not going to be the last.   As always its a case of illegal immigration. The Bangladeshi tectonic plate is trying to illegally enter the Chinese tectonic plate. The Chinese are naturally pushing them back. And as a result – earthquakes. Himalaya-formation Its been going on for millions of years. Mother nature – in her role as peace keeper – put up a boundary fence to try and separate the two – the Himalayas. But its futile – the illegal immigration will continue unabated. During the Upper Cretaceous, about 70 million years ago, the north-moving Indo-Australian plate (which has subsequently broken into the Indian Plate and the Australian plate) was moving at about 15 cm per year. About 50 million years ago this fast moving Indo-Australian plate had completely closed the Tethys Ocean, the existence of which has been determined by sedimentary rocks settled on the ocean floor, and the volcanoes that fringed its edges. Since both plates were composed of low density continental crust, they werethrust faulted and folded into mountain ranges rather than subducting into the mantle along an oceanic trench.[3] An often-cited fact used to illustrate this process is that the summit of Mount Everest is made of marine limestone from this ancient ocean. Today, the Indian plate continues to be driven horizontally below the Tibetan Plateau, which forces the plateau to continue to move upwards. The Indian plate is still moving at 67 mm per year, and over the next 10 million years it will travel about 1,500 km into Asia. About 20 mm per year of the India-Asia convergence is absorbed by thrusting along the Himalaya southern front. This leads to the Himalayas rising by about 5 mm per year, making them geologically active. The movement of the Indian plate into the Asian plate also makes this region seismically active, leading to earthquakes from time to time.   So let’s face it, we are fucked in both the short and the long time. But will just accept the fatality and not do anything to save yourself.   Well you can, but if you want to save the world, then be a nudist.


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