A couple of weeks ago a church was vandalised in Agra. last month, an elderly nun was raped and her church looted in Bengal (or East Bangladesh if you prefer).





As usual, our “secular” friends blamed it on Hindus and our PM. They upheld these as examples of how BJP is ruining the social fabric of the country and how RSS is a terrorist organisation (incidentally the same RSS which has sent 20000 volunteers with rescue materials to Nepal) and why Hindus and RSS should be banned.


Our “secular” politicians naturally jumped on the bandwagon and unhesitatingly blamed the Hindus.

And all the allegations, and tv debates and numerous articles by our “secular” activists, before any sort of police investigation happened.


Thankfully, and to their eternal credit, the police did their job.

It has now come out that the Agra incident was perpetrated by a Muslim rickshawpuller called Hyder (and his friends) as a sort of revenge over his Christian girlfriend ditching him.



So absolutely, diddly squat to do with Hindus and RSS.


As for the Bengal rape, it has turned out that the rapists were dacoits and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. All of them Muslim.



So again, diddly squat to do with Hindus and RSS.


So, has the press apologized for its biased reporting?

Where are the articles, the tv meetings and debates about false allegations, where are the calls to the “seculars” to come out from their holes and admit that they were speaking out of their arses?

Theoretically, the press is supposed to be neutral. If you are not, then come out and admit it – for example Fox is unashamedly right wing, Guardian is proud of its left wingedness.

Our media are cowards, they hide behind a false veil of neutrality, all the while driving the agenda of their political overlords. For example Nehru Dynasty TV, Sakshi TV, 24 Ghanta, Channel 10 and Tara in Bengal.

Neutral they are not; they have sold their souls to politicians. Each and every news article is heavily laden with their political ideology, with a huge veil of lies, falsehood and made up stories. They have a single point agenda of being anti-Modi, anti-BJP, anti-RSS.

And they are offended when one of our most decorated soldiers, the man who organised the rescue of thousands from Yemen called them presstitutes.

Its the truth and nothing but the truth.


I won’t even touch the prefessional “seculars”; they are the poster boys for the old idiom – There’s none so blind as those who will not see.


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