I am Fucked (and not in the good way)

Have you ever wanted to see a one-legged zombie tortoise walking around all hopped up on acid/ganja?

Well, wonder no more.

I have finally found purpose in my life – and that purpose is to be a human guinea pig.

As some of you may know, my internal organs have gone beyond mere malfunction. Their collective cease work have delighted the people who hate/dislike me – around 99.99% of the people who know me – and the doctors and medicine companies.

The Great Indian Chunkubaaz used to single handedly kept the Brylcream company in profit, before his epic baldness ruined it forever. In a similar vein, i am single handedly keeping the medicine companies in profit.

At least it seems so.

The moment I wake up and stagger upstairs, there will be the mother with a bottle (of water) in one hand and this one in the other. Even before I have had my morning pish, I have to have this.


After ablutions are complete, and the eyes are opened, I get food.

And immediately after food, I have to take one of this.


And one of this


And one of this


And one of this


And one of this.


And one of this


By the time I have all these, its time for lunch.

I get more food.

And once I have had my food, I have to take this


And then I get my evening coffee and some more food, followed by my dinner.

And after dinner?

Well after dinner, some people walk a mile (silly asses the lot of them), while I while away my time taking tablets.

All these

IMG_20150427_123002  IMG_20150427_122840 IMG_20150427_122614 IMG_20150427_122642_2 IMG_20150427_122734 IMG_20150428_131408_1

Just before I go into the sweet embrace of Morpheus, I have to take this.


Count good people, count.


I have no idea. its all a haze.

14? 15? 16?

I have to take fourteen/fifteen/sixteen fucking tablets every single fucking day just to get up from bed and loiter around the house.

And all this for the body.

Then there are the problems related to the brain – the loneliness, the abandonment, the backstabbing, the hatred, the disgust.

My head keeps rollings, I am nauseous, drowsy, exhausted and in immense pain.

And that’s just physically.

Then there are the naggings from the parents, the shouts from the bosses, the behaviour and abandonment from the “friends” and worst of all the abuse and betrayal of the Gudduda.

And you wonder why I drink?

BTW I think its all because of some experiments that was done on me by the Bourgeois Beeloving Biggani.


I met him when I was 18, I was at the blue of my health and had a head full of hair.

One and a half decade of experiments by him and look at me now.


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