Just Another Day in the Life of Porkistan

Ah Porkistan

Bless their nylon salwars

They just can’t help it.

Not content with being the pioneers and messiahs of terrorism on this earth;

Not content on building the maximum number of schools, colleges and universities catering to the constant demand for terrorists;

Not content with being the shameless beggars of the world;

Not content with exporting people to UK who then groom and gangrape at least 1400 underage girls, some as young as nine;






they are also well on their way to being the trailblazers of imbecility.

Make no mistake, I am not diluting terrorism or pedophilia – which to me is the single worst crime in the world – I am differentiating between crimes and imbecility.

Porkistan’s latest bout of imbecility happened when they decided that ti was a good idea to send beef laced food to Nepal – a Hindu nation where cows are sacred and eating beef is considered sacrilegious.







I am not going into a debate about beef eating. Had the earthquake been in Bangladesh or Afghanistan or any other place, this would have been a non-story.

We have all seen and read reports of the situation in Nepal. Hundreds of thousands of people have nothing to eat, nowehere to stay. There are desperate for any and all help just to survive.

And yet, when they were told about the contents, they refused the food.

Its a matter of faith, its a matter of belief.

The Nepalese have decided that they would rather starve to death than eat the beef laced food given by Porkistan.

Just what is the point in all this?

What thought process goes into taking a decision whereby you are literally dangling and then snatching away food from the mouths of starving people who have lost their all?

What kind of fuckwittery, what kind of imbecility is this?

Is there any low to which Porkistan would not stoop?

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