The Fallen Angel

Some say that Satan is the fallen angel. Some say that its Gabriel.

Amateurs the lot of them.

Some say that he once lost a blinking contest against a billygoat; that he was once punished by his statistics teacher for bunking class and playing cricket though he is equally bad at bowling/batting/fielding/umpiring /being the waterboy; some say that he was exchanged as a baby in the hospital; some say that he is yet to meet a woman who hasn’t shouted at him and given him galis and that he was once told to ‘fuck off’ by the chimpanzee at the Hyderabad Zoo.

All we know is that he is called Fat Uncle Cheapo and that he is on his way to make a niche for himself in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Those of you well versed with the exploits of your favorite fat uncle already know that in the course of his lifetime, during various exploits, he has fallen down from:

·       a rickshaw,

·       a cycle,

·       a scooter,

·       a bike,

·       a tram,

·       a bus,

·       a roller-coaster

·       a train and

·       once, memorably, from a speedboat into the Bay of Bengal

Furthermore, he has also fallen down from around half a dozen beds, a dozen chairs, a bench in his college, a seat in a car and once from a rock onto a classmate’s back (blue letter day in Cheapo-female interaction).

And, though technically he didn’t, but his pants fell down while he was paragliding.

So, that pretty much leaves ships and planes.

Now, falling off a plane would be pretty much his final adventure; and due to a chronic lack of mucho dinero, he has never been able to board a ship.

Ships of the desert, however, are a different matter altogether.

Excellent animals – those camels!!

Interacting with them is not to be missed – especially ifyou are a non-desert folk.

As you know, Cheapo has always had a very high regard for camels and thus, when the opportunity presented itself to ride one, he clutched it with both his hands and climbed atop one.

And promptly fell.

Not to be denied, he tried again…….and fell again.

But three times turned out to be the charm and then there was the strangest cavalcade in history – one human, one camel, one dog and one Cheapo.


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