Keep Calm and Say Bhenchod

Pardon My Klatchian, good people, but there are just some times in life when the only thing you can say is O Bhenchod.


Lately, everybody has been immensely busy celebrating the redemptive release of the modern day manifestation of Jesus, Buddha, Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Gandhiji combined – the greatest Indian superhero Sal-Man.

Being that busy, the people have obviously forgotten all about the birthday of Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

Of course, Sal-Man fans have not heard of him, he is not as important as a film star after all.

He was just the mentor to a certain Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

And who is that? What is his claim to fame?

Well Gandhiji is apparently the great grandfather of our very own Pappuji (as per Sal-Man fans).

Pappu-Rahul-Gandhi-G-Joke Rahul-Gandhi-Jokes-On-Interview-With-Arnab-Goswami-3 blogger-image-1378505909 funny-rahul  rAHUL GANDHI SLEEPING IN PARLIMENT FUNNY PICTURES  1912330_425090190959120_396817829_n rahul-gandhi-jokes rahul-Gandhi-and-sonia-gandhi-jokes


Once Mr. Pappu’s NSUI realised that, they scrambled to come up with a message – this one.





I+don+t+want+to+live+on+this+planet+anymore+_67cbe826c8fb82167848e67e953ba33d images (2)1362717339_jesus-facepalm  c3e batman___dafuq__by_foooxft-d5fqu0q  1384120_297351503735960_1817359828_n 11138160_955961161115373_465534025507432225_n 11068401_10202851031951594_7400725713791672451_n 11025154_408355222667513_5452820550716627133_n 11068240_616397151825166_2562908614414337081_n



Well, for the benefit of Sal-Man fans who see nothing wrong in the message.

1. 9 May 1866 – 19 February 1995


2. Look at the image closely again



This is Gopal Krishna Gokhale


and as far as the man in the picture

Tilak 1 s265


I know that unless your surname is Gandhi or if you are the great Indian superhero Sal-Man, you pretty much all look the same – but basic Google people basic Google.

I know I should not be surprised at anything anymore. After all, just the events of this week has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are – despite all pretenses – worse than vermin.

We call ourselves intelligent and civilized.

We don’t deserve to use either of those two terms. We deserve Sal-Man.

And if you feel agitated about any of this, all I can advise is



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