Aapturds and Presstitutes

We have all heard about the Muslim girl who got kicked out of her apartment in Mumbai allegedly because she was Muslim.

We all agree – at least all of us right thinking people can agree – that its not right. Nobody should be kicked out of their house based on their religion. However, people have been getting kicked out of their homes by landlords more or less since the dawn of time – single people bear the brunt of it, it was always thus, it will probably always be.

Personally speaking that company which refused a job to a guy because he is Muslim is a much bigger criminal and should be dragged to the mud and penalised.

But to come back to this particular case.

The “seculars” have been having a field day as usual.



If you read this article, you can see that there are other Muslims living in the apartment apparently without any harassment. So there is something fishy going on here.

The Facebook group Satyameva Jayate claims to have done some investigation and have found out that she is apparently an AAPturd.


“Key takeaways:

1. She is a journalist and not a model as many media houses claim.
2. She has been living in Mumbai for 5 years and not 1 year as many media houses claim.
3. She is an atheist and not Muslim
4. Her brother Nabeel Quadri, is an active AAP volunteer
5. She herself is a member of several AAP groups and very active in them
6. She is an admin of Anti-Modi group “Apna Adda”
7. She is a member of “We hate Narendra Modi”
8. She tweeted on 21st May, making fun of the PM
9. Misbah is a supporter of Teesta Setalvad
10. Misbah WAS NOT driven out because she was Muslim
11. Misbah had not even informed the builder that she was staying there
12. Several Muslim families live in the building, particularly, one in flat 804

Who is Misbah Quadri?
Most channels and media houses have been claiming that Misbah Quadri is a model. That’s absolutely wrong! A brief background check reveals everything.

Misbah Quader is a journalist. She started her career as a trainee at Walthamstow Recorder, a local London daily. She then worked briefly for 3 months as a customer support representative at Motif Pvt. Ltd. At Ahmadabad. In June 2008, she started working as news correspondent and copy editor at DNA newspaper. In January 2010, she shifted to Mumbai and worked as a writer at Business India. From June 2013, she is working as a content specialist in Adfactors PR, an advertising company. (See attached image 1)

Now onto her religion.
Misbah Quadri is a Muslim from Gujarat. Or wait, is she? Several sources have told us that she is an atheist, and not a Muslim. These sources however remain unverified.

What are her political views?
Both her parents are journalists. While her father hails from Ahmedabad, her mother is from Hyderabad. Now they are both settled in Ahmedabad. Her father is a correspondent at an oil and gas portal, while her mother runs an online magazinewww.bilkulonline.com

We have also learnt through some sources inside AAP that her brother, Nabeel Quadri, is an active volunteer at AAP Gujarat, and has been seen at several AAP rallies there.

She herself is a staunch AAP supporter and is a part of several AAP groups and an active participant there. (See attached image 2, 3 and 4)

She is an admin and active participant of the group “Apna Adda”, which is a group of people who are indulged only in spreading venom about our Honorable Prime Minister. We stress here, hate is different from venom. Apna Adda is a group which only abuses PM Modi and nothing else. She is not just a member here but also an admin. (See attached image 5)

She is also a member of the group “We hate Narendra Modi”, which is again a group which spreads venom against the Prime Minister. Misbah has also posted several times on Facebook, falsely accusing the PM. She is also a supporter of Teesta Setalvad. She also tweets on the 21st of May ‘14, mocking the PM. (See attached image 6)

So finally, what is the real story behind this flat drama?
Many media channels have been claiming that “Misbah was driven out because she was Muslim”. This claim is absolutely false.

Misbah had been staying at the flat in Wadala, Mumbai for over a week. It is learnt that she had not even informed the builder that she is staying in the flat, and hence she was asked to vacate. In fact, the builder also informed the police about this, but in vain. (See image 7)

How would you like it if you put your heart and soul to build a flat, and someone stays there without informing you?

Also, the problem is said to have been between the broker and Misbah. The builder is not related to this problem, and moreover, this problem is not the reason she was sent out.

Moreover, insider sources reveal to us that several Muslim families live in the building, particularly one family in flat number 804.

We at Satyameva Jayate condemn such people who play the minority card, when absolutely irrelevant.
Several media houses have been falsely highlighting this story. On 26/05/2015 Times now also called her “honest” and self proclaimed judge Mr. Arnab Goswami was pleading for her. He needs to answer what he and his channel received to glorify this lady. Why did they give a prime slot for this false story?”


I don’t know the truth so I won’t jump on either bandwagon. I don’t condone character assassinations and neither her religion nor her political views should matter.

That being said, nobody deserves a blanket white character certificate either – something that our presstitutes and seculars seem to be doing.

All I am against is our biased presstitutes’ habit of sensationalizing stories by giving it religious flavour without any thought of consequences an repercussions.
Investigate properly and then report – is that too much to ask?


Personally speaking I have a hard time believing anything a lying, sycophantic, antinational fascist AAPturd says – but that’s my personal prejudice.

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