Godzilla is a Bangladeshi

Different centuries are known for different events.
For example,
the 16th century was the Age of Discoveries and Rennaissance,
the 17th century was the Age of Science and Colonies
the 18th century was the Age of Revolutions,
the 19th century the Age of Innovations,
the 20th century the Age of War and Porn….so the Age of Banging

But what about the 21st century?

So far, there has been only one event which had dominated the world – illegal immigration.

Since the concept of nations and international boundaries finally settled down in the late 20th century, we have seen an unprecedented number of people trying to bugger off from their country to a richer country.

Now I have no problem with those fleeing wars, natural calamities or persecutions – for example the Tibetans, the Rwandans, the Yazidis, the Kurds, the Palestinians etc.

I do however, have a problem with the Bangladeshis – and that includes the Rohingyas, who are illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Burma.

Its very simple – if you want to go to another country for economic reasons, then do so legally and ensure that you follow the rules and practices of your adopted nation. Become a contributing positive element of the society.

The Bangladeshis are not fleeing from persecution of any kind. They are simply greedy fuckers.

Fair enough, everyone wants money.

But the Bangladeshis will go everywhere and be destructive elements. They will indulge in arson, looting, theft, murder and rape. They will not make any attempt to integrate into the societies where they are going to.

And if any action is taken against them, the “seculars” will start whining about Islamophobia and minorities etc etc.

There are plenty of rich Muslim nations in the world – Iran, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Bangladeshis who want a better life can fuck off to those places, why bother coming to India or UK or Australia?

The liberals’ hearts bleed for the plight of the poor Bangladeshis- but of course not for the millions of poor Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, tribals etc.

Moreover, as per data, the Bangladeshis are paying 2k to 3k US dollars per head to the people smugglers.

1 USD = 78 Bangladeshi currency.

So a Bangladeshi travelling with his wife and 2 kids is paying 2.5*4 = 10k USD to the smugglers.

That’s 780000 Bangladeshi taka.

Whatever that man is, poor and starving he is not.

So I have no sympathy for him.

Its simple – once you catch hold of him, take everything he has as fine and then kick him back to where he is from, i.e. Bangladesh


Send them all to Isisland – Isis will fall within one year trying to deal with these Bangladeshi viruses.

That will take care of one kind of immigration.

But there is another type of immigrant who is virtually unstoppable. Over the decades, the government has tried everything to stop these guys from coming in, all in vain.

These guys have come in generation after generation and have indulged in wanton acts of destruction.

I am talking of course about Godzilla.

tumblr_l5f8yp67NS1qb30iko1_500 godzilla-seneca-godzilla-quotes-demotivational-poster-1242156478 600full-my-profile 2013-01-31-Disappointed-Godzilla-293x300 'That's a good question, Godzilla. Class, is threatening to stomp on someone's house considered bullying?'

cooking_with_godzilla_646345 Godzilla's Mom.


The Japanese government have recently gone the route of the French and surrendered in the war against illegal immigration by Godzilla.

They have given Godzilla citizenship and made him a tourism ambassador.

Its a bad precedent people.

I will tell you why.

Bangladeshis cant be stopped from entering your country.

Godzilla can’t be stopped from entering your country.

Bangladeshis are unhygienic.

Godzilla – being a product of nuclear reactions – is unhygienic.

Bangladeshis speak a language that cannot be understood by the rest of humanity.

Godzilla speaks a language that cannot be understood by humanity.

Bangladeshis eat fish

Godzilla eats fish.

Bangladeshis destroy everything

Godzilla destroys everything.


Godzilla is Bangladeshi

And the Japanese government have just committed harakiri by granting him citizenship.

They have survived earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, atom bombs and Genghis Khan.

They will not survive and endless stream of Bangladeshis.


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