Copa America

It has begun people – the pre-eminent football championship of South America – the Copa America.


Ole as they say.

Once upon a time, the world would look at this tournament for the skills involved – and also for the violence (by Argentina). Nowadays, its all been Europeanised.

Hell now Spain, Holland and Germany play more skillful football than the South Americans (Messi excepted obviously).

Once upon a time, this was the place for Pele, Garincha, Zico, Rivelinho, Zairzinho, Tostao, Kempes, El Diego, Batistuta, Zamorano, Salas, Valderama, Asprilla, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho et all.

Now its a place for Fred, Jo and a racist cannibal vampire.

copaamerica copa-america-2015-2016-figuritas-y-album-20885-MLU20199457274_112014-O

Another change – and this one for the better – is the inclusion of the North and Central American teams. This year Jamaica and Mexico are in. However, Mexico ain’t as good as they used to be and Jamaica aren’t that good to begin with.


There are basically 5 good teams who will fight it out – Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Messi.

Among them Uruguay is depending on two geriatric – albeit very good – central defenders. And the racist cannibal vampire is suspended. So they are in a dicey position. They laboured to a 1-0 fortunate win over Jamaica. If they play like that against the big boys, it will be a massacre.

Brazil is experimenting with a newish team so no idea where they will end up.

Chile has a ‘full steam ahead damn the consequences’ approach, which is excellent for the neutrals, but is futile and damned. They will win against the weaker teams – as they did against Ecuador 2-0. But with their defense be damned approach, they might nay would get screwed by Brazil or Argentina or Colombia.

Argentina has just 1 strategy – pass it to Messi.  Argentina has easily the best strike force in the world – Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, Pastore, Tevez; along with perhaps the suckiest defense among the big teams. Their weird strategy coupled with that atrocious defense means that any good team can stop them easily. And that’s just what Paraguay did. The Argies scored twice and then conceded twice in the second half. This is going to happen again and again and again.

So that leaves Colombia.

I am rooting for them. They seem to be the most balanced and its high time they win something.

So viva Colombia people.

Viva Colombia.

Let the games begin.

2 thoughts on “Copa America

  1. Argentina has to fight with their own defense!
    South American skill is shadowed by European soccer, except for Messi.

    Man, for the first time in the history of our friendship/enemity, I can’t help agree with you more…


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