Power corrupts, powerpoint corrupts absolutely – and our politicians and bosses are the perfect examples of it. They use this power for different reasons though. Some, like our beloved members of the Indian Anti National Congress use power to get money – pure and simple. The Commie hierarchy (Indian commies) want power for power’s sake. They don’t want to do anything with it, rather they want to stop everyone from doing everything. They are the closest people we have to nihilists. And then we have those who get power to fuel their megalomania. They think they are gods and the power just fuels their delusions of grandeur. Arvind Kejriwal is the perfect example of this. The man who was supposed to be the crusader against corruption has turned out to be the most corrupt of them all. images ARVIND AS HITLER5 1427552960dictator Arvind-Kejriwal-Delhi-Poll But there is one thing common among all of them – including BJP. And its their love of censorship. Throughout history, the one thing those in power have always feared is public opinion. And thus they have always tried to stifle and control it. Be it Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Chairman Mao, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussain, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Fidel Castro, The South African Apartheid leaders, The Ayatollah, Indira Gandhi and our very own Arvind Kejriwal, the moment they have come to power, they have tried to curb press freedom and invoked all kinds of censorship. And their reasoning has always been either national security or morality. Now national security is one matter – sometimes it is necessary sometimes it is Watergate. But that morality issue is pure bunkum, pure hookey, pure Arsenal defense. The issue – the primary issue – with morality is “whose morality?” See its pretty simple – my morals might not be the same as the Great Indian Chunkubaaz’s morals; our morals would most definitely be the same as the morals of a Bangladeshi; the morals of a Saudi Arabian would be different to the morals of a German; the morals of a chines would be different. Morals are different to different people and it gets shaped by history, politics, religion, arts, culture and umpteen other things. There is no right moral or wrong moral – apart from the universal ones like thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not rape or molest etc etc. Its the job of parents to teach their offsprings about these right and wrongs – not the government. It is not the government’s business what I read,what I write, what I watch or what I listen to. Of course, if there is a line that needs to be drawn its probably direct hate speech and incitement towards homicide and genocide. So while banning the ISIS and SIMI is fine and necessary, banning the All Indian Behenchods or Comedy Central is not fine. Why those in power – and hell most people – are afraid of comedy I would never understand. Everyone is more than ready to laugh at someone else but make fun of a person and more often than not, you will be viciously attacked and abused. And I speak that from personal experience. The generations are getting more and more in the thrall of outrage. There are a huge group of morons perennially looking for something to be outraged about – these imbeciles will be outraged if there is nothing to be outraged about. One result of this is the complete imbecilisation of our media and their obsession with idiotic breaking news. The other result is an increasing penchant and demand for banning things. We are well on our way to reaching peak intolerance. And we supposedly live in enlightened liberal times. Hell, makes you wonder how much the outrage would be if someone ends up doing what our supposedly superstitious, uneducated, conservative Hindu ancestors did.   enhanced-buzz-28605-1422962237-4 enhanced-buzz-682-1422962400-8 enhanced-buzz-681-1422962438-8 enhanced-18547-1422962726-1 enhanced-buzz-686-1422962470-8 enhanced-buzz-14643-1422962822-8 enhanced-buzz-22010-1422962894-14 enhanced-buzz-7863-1422963548-9 enhanced-buzz-7863-1422965394-15   Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


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