They don’t deserve mercy
They don’t deserve justice
They don’t deserve to be treated like humans

They deserve to be crucified alive while eagles eat their livers and honey badgers massacre their genitals.

I am talking of course about those filth who breed dogs to make them fight against each other.


And you know how they train these dogs?

They cut the ears and tails off the puppies to make them vicious.

They use small dogs as live bait. That’s right they train the bigger dogs to maim and kill the smaller dogs as part of training.

And then there are the actual fights.

These vicious dog fights more or less always end in the dogs’ death. And when a dog survives a fight, its put into another and another and another till it dies.

Till recently, this used to happen in the civilised nations of USA and UK and the secular utopia of Porkistan – where dogfighting and bear baiting is ok but Save the Children is banned.

But in a sign that we Indians are also getting “civilised”, dog-fighting has become popular here as well.


Its against the law here, as per the Supreme Court.

And because of PFA, the filth has been caught.


I hope its just the beginning and all the other filth are also caught soon.

But that brings us to the question of what is to be done to them once they are caught?

Keeping our sissyass rules in mind, you can be reasonably certain that the filth will be at best sentenced to a couple of years in prison.

That is not enough.

The punishment should most definitely not only fit the crime but should act as the great grandmother of all deterrents. The punishment should be such that no one ever again will even dream of indulging in such a heinous act again.

I know lots of people will clamour that the filth should be exterminated. But that shows a lack of creativity. Moreover, just killing them is too easy a punishment.

They need something much worse, much much much worse.

So here’s what I propose.

To begin with, just take everything – every paisa, every cm of land, every mg of gold or silver – that the man, his parents, his siblings, his uncles and aunts, his in laws, his siblings’ in laws, his uncles and aunts’ in laws possess.

Make his whole family destitute beggars.

But that’s just to begin with.

Then we should take away all of their eyes and give them to some blind kids somewhere.

Then we should take a liter of blood every alternate day from them and give it to poor patients.

And then we should take their kidneys, bones marrows and anything else that can be used by other patients.

We should continue till they have nothing left to give.

And then, and only then should we sentence them to death.

Do this a few times and nobody will ever have the guts to try this monstrous atrocity ever again.


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