Complete Waste of Money

The Maharashtra Government, in its infinite wisdom, recently decided to increase the rates for models who pose for art students.

Yes, because

A. There is absolutely nothing better for the Maharashtra government to do.


B. We know that throughout the history of mankind, all great artists have gone to art school.


In fact, if you look closely, you will see that not one, not a single one great artist has ever gone to art school. We can easily hypothesise that if you want to be a good, never mind great, artist, then the first thing you should do (after buying the colours and pallettes and papers etc) is to stay away from art schools.

But for some reason, its a necessary evil nowadays, we can’t escape that.

Fair enough.


But what’s with this paying models malarkey???

As usual, 10418539_319108998251717_1491769702798572889_n


1. Why do these artists need to study the human form?

Nowadays, they all follow and paint as per the neo surrealist or modernist styles, and the paintings look like these

485794903_369 images (4) hand-painted-oil-wall-art-beauty-dancer-home-decoration-font-b-Modern-b-font-font-b images (3) Yerkaland-surreal-paintings-of-Jacek-Yerka-4 Jacek-Yerka_16600_497


How will studying the human form help here?


2. You want to produce great works of art – just get drunk/high/acid tripped.

John Keats used to get both and we got all those Odes

Coleridge got high and we got Kubla Khan.

Da Vinci got high and we got the Mona Lisa.

Shakespeare got drunk and high and we got Hamlet.

Edgar Allan Poe got drunk and we got The Raven.

Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol were perennially under the influence of LSD (only explanation for their work).

The moral of the story is that if you want to create something fabulous, get high and do it, instead of sitting in school.


3. There are literally hundreds and thousands of nudists around the country. Why do you have to pay people to get naked when there are people who will do so gladly? We are a poor country and the money can be used for umpteen ways to make people’s lives better instead of paying people to get naked. Hell, if you want a nude model right now, I hereby volunteer and donate the Gudduda as a model.


4. Why do you want models? What’s wrong with normal people with normal bodies?


5. Artist are supposed to be enlightened, liberal, modern people. Plus, they would generally be normal people, neither extremely poor people with associated broken bodies nor enormously fat. In a class full of artists there will be people of all genders, shapes, sizes etc. So, just take turns posing nude. It will give you a better grasp of the human body plus it will save all that government money.


So, as you see, there are numerous ways in which you can spread art without wasting government money.


Just get naked.

You will save the world as well.



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