Holy Rats Batman

We humans are hypocrites

We eat all kinds of meat – from humans all the way down to cockroaches.

Cows, goats, horses, sheep, chicken, deer, snakes, fish, whales, octopuses/octopii, rabbits, snails, cats and even doggies, nothing is safe – we eat them all.

But when it comes to rats, we suddenly become racist snobs.

The moment we see rats we go all ewww. And let me tell you, as a man who has heard more ewws than New Zealand ram, I can empathise with the rats.

But if only it got stuck at ewws, but no we turn into genocidal mass murderers as well.

I had spent more than a year with Ratso in my Begumpet apartment. He used to come every night and we spent many peaceful hours sitting side by side while he ate my kitchen garbage.

Rats are gentlemen.

Moreover, if you have read your Sir Terry Pratchett, you know that rats are nutritious and delicious (ketchups extra).

And yet when they see rats, people freak out.

The latest such person was this dudeĀ Devorise Dixon at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He apparently got some fried rat.






And it has become a big brouhaha.

Old Billi Shakespeare wrote about this too- Much Ado About Nothing.

It may have been chicken, it may have been rat, what’s the big deal?

You are a meat eater – this is fried meat.

Tuck in.


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