They Are Back

Admit it people, you missed them.
You pined for their return.
You were worried that they are gone forever.

But rejoice people, they are back, as dangerous and destructive as ever.

I am not talking of dinosaurs.

Nor am I talking of those cuddly minions.

I am talking of the most destructive force in today’s world (now that Commies are gone) – the Feminazis.


Make no mistake, the ISIS or the US millitary will kill you, the feminazis will kill your spirit and make you wish  that you were dead.

They targeted and destroyed the astrophysicist,

Then they targeted and destroyed a 12 year old boy

Then they targeted and destroyed Batman.


Then they spectacularly failed in their bid to target and destroy Eminem, who simply did not give a fuck.

So the Feminazis retreated and licked their wounds and waited for their time.

And it came.

This time they turned their guns on a Nobel Laureate – Sir Tim Hunt.

In a conference in Seoul, he said “Let me tell you about my trouble with girls, three things happen when they are in the lab. You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry.”

He then added the words, “now seriously” before going on to praise the role of women in science and in Korean society.

Naturally, the Feminazis went into pitchfork mode. Their full blown bullying forced universities and research institutes to fire the man.

They hounded and made him out to be a disgrace to humanity.


But now, the intelligent and the just are slowly coming out in support of the scientist.

However, support for Hunt has since mushroomed, with fellow Nobel prize winners, senior academics and leading scientists and politicians – including Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins and Boris Johnson – lining up to denounce the treatment of the 72-year-old biologist.

“My inbox is now bulging with touching emails from young women scientists who have been kind enough to write and thank me for inspiring them and helping them on their way,” Hunt told the Observer yesterday. “It has also been of great comfort to me to see many women at the top of science testifying for my record in supporting women scientists.”

Top female scientists who have expressed support include physicist Dame Athene Donald, biologist Professor Ottoline Leyser and physiologist Dame Nancy Rothwell. All decried his jocular remarks, but described in warm terms his past support for young scientists of both sexes.

Hunt added that he had held senior posts in universities and research centres around the world and had always sought to help female scientists in their work. “For example, I fought for seven years to have creche facilities at the Okinawa Institute of Science of Technology – and was ultimately successful. Less successful have been efforts to get a creche at the new Crick Institute in London, but this is something I will continue to push for.”


I read further and this is what has emerged.

1. That love thing?

That’s his personal experience – that’s how he met his wife. They fell in love with each other while working together  and got married.

Only in the minds of feminazis is that an outrage.

2. He clearly stated that

a. It was his problem with girls – not THE problem with girls

b. He started the next sentence with “but seriously”, clearly indicating that it was a joke

Was the joke funny?

Not really, but it was a joke.

3. What did he say that was so insulting anyway?

Do people fall in love in their work places?

Absofuckinglutely – it has always happened, it always will.

Its a problem only for feminazis, for whom all men deserve to die and falling in love with a man is tantamount to race betrayal.

Do women cry when criticised?

I, in my time as a Lead ID have given feedback to lots of people.

So far three people have burst into tears – two of them happened to be women.

And those who have received feedback from me would hopefully testify that I am an incredibly encouraging and motivating feedback giver. I never shout, never abuse, never insult. I always give positive feedback, encourage people to try harder, give suggestions and tips for improvement etc.

And yet they burst into tears.


Does that mean that all women are emotional and burst into tears?

Hell no

I have worked with many women throughout my career and most of them have been incredibly strong emotionally – some stronger than me.

But some have been crybabies – prone to copious quantities of tears at the drop of a hat.

There is no two ways about it – in general women cry more than men, that’s just fact.

Only in the warped deranged minds of feminazis is that considered a criticism.


You know who are the greatest enemies of feminism?

Its not ISIS, its not the Indian Anti National Congress.

Its those feminazis.

They are undoing everything that the feminists have fought for.

Feminazis are the enemies of humanity.

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