Today is a Good Day

Today is a momentous day good people.

Why you ask?
What’s so special you enquire?

Those are valid questions.

After all, our year is full of days.

For example, March 14 happens to be World Pi day


We have father’s day, mother’s day, Archies and Hallmarks’ Profit Day (Feb 14), Mother languages day, Malaria day, AIDS day, Cancer day, Pneumonia Day, May day, Red Cross day, Tiger day, Beer day and umpteen other days.

Thus year onwards, we have World Yoga day also.

I, being a cynic and pessimist and realist and a grumpy old sod, usually don’t celebrate days.


But there are two days that trump all of them in matters of importance and gravitas.

Its June 22 and October .

And these are days I can wholeheartedly get behind and support.


June 22 is World No Panty day and July9/October 13 is World No Bra day.



The whole world should come together and celebrate these momentous days.

My only complaint with the occasion is that it is too short.


Just two days are most definitely not enough – we need the whole year.


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