Chapeau CESC Chapeau

I grew up in the Communist Utopia of Calcutta.

There was unfettered equality everywhere as noone had anything, we were all dirt poor – apart from the party members of course. They are Communist party members, you can’t expect them to live like the hoi polloi.

I know there must have been some rich fuckers somewhere – apart from the Comrades I mean – but where I lived, we were all up on the same creek without a bloody paddle.

Its more evocative since I grew up on the other side of the tracks (or in this case the Tolly Nullah – the ancient defensive/trading rivulet curved from the Ganges).

One way our great Communist overlords ensured that the hoi polloi remained powerless was by literally keeping us powerless.

During the summer and monsoon months, we would have power for at the most 6-8 hours day. During winter, it would be a whopping 12 hours. And all this despite the fact that West Bengal has the grand total of fuck all in terms of factories and heavy industries requiring loads of power; due to abundance of water, our farmers don’t need to draw water from the ground using heavy motors either.

Yet, there was no power.

But as we all know, one incredibly determined woman destroyed, devastated and decimated the Communists (creating history – the first time the Commies lost power without any armed coup or revolution or external aggression) and scared the bejeejus out of everybody.

[The Bong intellectuals are mightily pissed off though. The Bong intellectuals hate the hoi polloi, the proletariat and this late is by no stretch of the imagination an intellectual. The irony is 98.5% of the Bong intellectuals are wannabes – dunderheaded moronic imbeciles who think having a full set of Rabindra Rachanabali or Gitanjali gives them an unique perspective of fine arts]

In a previous blog post, I touched upon her government’s desire and work towards improving our state tourism. No way is it perfect but kudos for at least trying.


Here’s another thing which has changed upon her arrival – the power/electricity situation.

Now we get electricity 24/7/365. Power cuts or load sheddings – if and when they occur – don’t go beyond a few minutes.

For those of us from the old ages, its literally electric utopia.


And its not only about supply, its also about service.


A few days ago, around midnight, our power went kaput. At first, we thought it was a load shedding.

But then upon further investigation, involving calling The Gudduda, we deduced that its only our house which has lost power.

So we called the CESC  – Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation – helpline and raised the complaint.

Fully prepared to have a sleepless night, I started searching for candles and matches so that I could read books, when to my immense surprise, down came the CESC in a big ass matador lorry – 3 guys with tools, ladders, the whole shebang.

Within 10 minutes of their arrival, voila, the power is back.

Keep in mind that this is around 1AM in the night during monsoon.

I can only doff my metaphorical hat to CESC and commend them on their service and professionalism.


Its a matter of simple maths people

Commie Utopia = No Electricity

Post Commie Free Land = 24/7 Power supply coupled with professionalism and service.


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