Now Everyone can be Miserable Together

Huzzah everybody

Finally everything is A ok with the world.

Finally, after decades of struggle, first Ireland and now USA USA USA has ruled that the homosexual people have as much right to be as miserable as their heterosexual brethren.

Que celebrations, parades and Facebook profile pics galore.

Lets face it, homosexuals are weird people – not because of who they are attracted to of course, as long as children and animals are not involved, everybody has the right to choose who they want to fork. Its a basic human right, or at least it should be.

No, they are weird because despite being handed a cheat sheet in the great video game of life, they actually went and demanded for MOTHER IN LAWS!!!


But anyway now everyone is celebrating because gay people can marry in USA, and everyone knows USA = world, and so everyone can get married in the world.

Of course, in the real world, you can’t, if you happen to live in Germany, Russia, China, India, Korea, Thailand, Italy, Greece, South America, Africa, or the Secular countries of the Middle East, you can only dream about such kind of equality.

And this is wrong.

I strongly believe in equality and equality dictates that you should have the right to be miserable, irrespective of your sexual preferences (except for pedophiles, if you are a pedophile, then you have just one right, the right to be killed).

It should not be the state’s headache whether The Gudduda forks Rangan or Rangana or both – the state should have no say in the matter apart from checking whether the forking is taking place willingly.

So then why the fuck is the state so interested in Gudduda’s love life?

Because the state is getting dictated by religion.

It stems from a warped interpretation of medieval Abrahamaic religions and also from deep senses of insecurity.

But why the fuck are we falling for it?

The vast majority of Indians do not follow Abrahamaic religions – despite the best efforts of proselytizers and “seculars”.

Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions are notorious for their live and let live policies (post Bhakti movement and reformation) – am talking pure religion, not the ones tainted by politics.

But unfortunately, they have all fallen into the same obnoxious trap where they have deviated from spirituality and surrendered to the fundamentalists.

Here’s something I don’t get – if you are against gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay.

You don’t like it when someone forces you to do something against your will or stops you from doing something, then how come you then go and dictate what someone else should or should not do.

How and why the fuck is that any of your business?


I have a theory

You see I despise Bangladeshis…..for various reasons, but one of those reasons is that I got my heart broken by a Bangladeshi.

I think the deal with the homophobes is similar. Somewhere in the past, they got heartbroken by some other dudes (or dudettes) as the case may be, and to protect their fragile egos, they have taken recourse in hatred.


Figure out your issues and become civilised or else posterity will kick your posterior.

Don’t give me stupid excuses about religion, decency, physiology, civilisation, sanctity of marriage or any such crap to mask your bigotry.

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t pretend to suddenly believe in equality and LGBT rights because it is the cool thing to do.

Educate yourself, liberate yourself, civilise yourself.

Else your opinion is bot valid and I won’t give a fuck.


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