We all agree that racism is bad. Nobody should be discriminated based on the colour of their skin – all civilised nations agree (some parts of Murica Fuck yea notwithstanding)

India, however, is not really civilised that way.

We happily discriminate against dark skinned people all the time. Moreover, we try our level best to become white – the plethora of fairness creams and products bear testament to that.

If we look at our movies and television, we will find that the only dark skinned people are servants, henchmen of villains, comic characters of stereotypical South Indians.

Good looks has become synonymous with being white.

It would have been still ok (not really) if it was restricted to our entertainment industry, but it has permeated to every layer.

Just tell me how many black Primer Ministers and Presidents we have had?

In the corporate job sphere its the same story – the chances of getting a job is much higher if you happen to be white.

But we are humans – life is nothing but challenges such as these. We need to overcome them with hard work – simply put I have to work that much harder and better to ensure that my boss doesn’t take some white guy to replace me.

But there is a group that is helpless in face of this racism.

Am talking of our buffaloes.

As you know, our buffaloes are black and just because of that, they are one of the most discriminated against species on the planet.

Am not saying that they are the ones who are most cruelly treated – that honour goes to the poor donkeys – but when you compare the treatment meted out to the cows and compare that with the treatment of buffaloes, you can see the racism.

I know there is a historical context to it. Buffaloes are native to us, while cows are foreigners. Those buggers came with the Aryans (along with horses) and since the Aryans won the war, they started consuming the resources of the conquered instead of consuming their own.

And thus the fate of the buffaloes was sealed.

Ever since there has been widespread discrimination against them.

And it continues even today. The cows are protected from butchery in many states; the buffaloes on the other hand, have no protection anywhere – they are mercilessly killed everywhere for their meet and leather.

What’s more even the entertainment industry has got in on the act.

A recent Bollywood Hindi movie – Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho – talks about a man raping a buffalo. Not a cow mind, because cows are sacred; once again its the poor black buffalo who has to pay the price of our deviant minds.

Its supposedly a movie about khap panchayats of North India, you know, the ones who go around performing honour killings and such heinous stuff.  They deserve to be condemned an made fun of – but why bring a poor buffalo into it? What has the poor buffalo ever done to anybody?

Only in our warped racist minds is that funny.

I blame that idiot Mahishashur – why the fuck did you have to go to war riding a buffalo man?


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