Arsenal Loves ISIS

You know who owns Arsenal football club?

Two guys – Alisher Usmanov, a central Asian dictator with genocides against his name, and abother guy who owns slaves.

The slave owner is Stan Kroenke, who also owns Wal Mart, the largest employer of modern slaves in the world.

But Arsenal fans love their owners, so its all fine.

It was also fine that a certain OSAMA Bin Laden was a massive supporter and promoter of Arsenal – thus his famous war cry of Death to USA, Death to Israel, Death to Tottenham.

Ask any Arsenal fan and all you will hear is lavish praise about Bin Laden.

But recently, another praiseworthy facet of Arsenal has come into focus.

You see Kroenke apparently loves ISIS. That is why his Walmart makes ISIS cakes.

They won’t make confederate cakes, or swastika cakes or Klu Klux Klan cakes (rightly so) because those are racist.

But ISIS cakes are fine because ISIS are “secular” after all. They just kill everybody – apart from Sunni Muslims – without any discrimination, they abduct and rape women and children, but that’s fine – its a traditional practice apparently. Moreover, they crucify wee kids for breaking fast during the Ramadan.

And thus of course, they deserve cakes.

As per Walmart, as per Kroenke, as per Arsenal.

And lest you forget, this is the same Arsenal who has refused to pay its employees the minimum wage – you know the bare minimum amount of money needed just to survive with dignity?

Yeah, Arsenal doesn’t believe in all that.

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