Made In China

What are the most depressing words in the world people?

“I love you” is right up there. So are “I don’t know” and “I don’t know you”.

“You are fired” is ambiguous, can be positive or negative.

“I don’t want to see you/talk to you anymore” is a really strong contender.

More so is “I think of you only as a friend”

“You need a prostrate examination/enema” is certainly very painful.

But I don’t think any of them can claim the title of words that will destroy your soul, will fill your heart with despair and a a sense of utter desolation, will leave your heart quaking with misery.

And those words – Made in China.

And its ironic because sooner or later we are all going to be Made in China.

If you think that you are free, you are deluded, you are already owned by China.

And why is China omnipowerful?

Its simple – no democracy.

You can either have wealth and power or you can have democracy, you can’t have both.

But slave labour will only get you so much. The products produced by slave labour is not going to be top-notch.

Chinese products will go kaput – it doesn’t matter if it is produced now or 1000 years earlier.


And that is why people, the Great Wall of China and the Pandas – the 2 symbols of China – are both disappearing.


Now we all know what happened to the Pandas – an army of wolves led by a peacock destroyed that species.


But what about the Great Wall?

Its a great iconic historic structure, supposedly the only man made structure that can be seen from space.


First of, that’s a lie. You cannot see the damn thing from space – its a bullshit myth people much like love, democracy, an honest Bangladeshi or a penis enlargement device that works.

Secondly, it was an epic waste of time and slaves. It was supposed to keep out the Mongols. The Mongols just rode around it to beat the ever loving shit out of the Chinese. Wherever riding around was too far, they just bribed the gatekeepers and entered and beat the ever loving shit out of the Chinese.

Thirdly, its mainly made of mud.

Yes people, all those great rocky stuff was built just a few decades ago – for tourists.

The original wall was mainly made up of mud and bricks. And naturally, nature has taken its toll.

Legions of fat tourists stampeding around trying to take pictures has not helped matters.

Another aspect that has definitely not helped matter is that The Great Wall lies in the Communist Utopia. Naturally, that means there are billions of poor starving people. And what do billions of starving people do to survive?

They try to earn money by whatever way possible and pilfer building materials from others to build their own homes.

In this case, the people have pilfered the stones and bricks from the Wall. Those with more entrepreneurial frame of mind have started selling stones to tourists.

So there you have it, The Great Wall is disappearing.


Another few decades and it will go the same way as the Library of Alexandria or the Colossus of Rhodes.

So go and see while you can people.

Even barring the Wall, China is as astonishingly beautiful country.


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