Oops They Did It Again

The People’s Republic of Vallecas people.

They just keep doing it over and over.


Not content with being as opposite to Arsenal as possible, not content with helping poor old grannies, Rayo Vallecano has now decided to embrace a whole bunch of causes.

That’s tight in the same month that Arsenal came out in support of slavery and became fans of ISIS, Rayo Vallecano made official their support for a myriad of social issues. They have released their away shirts with rainbow colours



“The red stripe is for those tackling cancer, orange is for those fighting for the integration of disabled people, yellow is for “those who have lost hope”, green is for people striving to protect the environment, blue is for those fighting against child abuse, while pink is for the victims of domestic violence. The rainbow of colours as a whole relates to a seventh cause, those from LGBT backgrounds facing struggles against discrimination.”

Not only that, they have also “have announced that €7 (£5) from the sale of their new 2015-16 away kit will be split between seven different causes that aim to tackle discrimination.”


Carry on the good work Rayo Vallecano, you are a credit to football.


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