Rise of the Machines

He said he ‘will be back’.

And he fulfilled his promise.

He is back people.

Arnold is back as the Terminator, trying to save the Mother of Dragons from bad robots.

(And that brings to mind – at least to the mind of geeks – the delicious possibility of Terminator vs Drogon)

Unfortunately, he has brought his friends with him.

And these friends are not the goodie two shoes robots who follow Asimov’s First Law of Robotics –

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

You know, the Optimus Prime, R2D2 or Wall E or Marvin the Paranoid Android of the world.

No Siree.

These robots do not give a fuck.

These robots kill.


These robots are like the Terminator, Megatron or Bender.

images (1)


The war has begun.

The first human has been victimised.


It happened in Germany (always thought it would be Japan), in a Volkswagon plant.


Now any loss of innocent young life is a tragedy.

But look we are all going to die, sooner or later. A slow, lingering painful disease ridden death sucks.

Death by robot, on the other hand, is severely cool.

What a way to go huh?

If you ask me about how I would like to go, death by robot would be right up there – along with being eaten by a kraken, or being shot by Clint Eastwood or being suplexed by Brock Lesnar.

11063727_971261982913789_5919572787831460610_n 1db5b9aa583838540e00578b1464e9c58631e33113aba5416e6d897202a43196


images (2)


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