Old, Not Obsolete

You know, sometimes we do things purely for the memories.

I don’t mean for creating new memories (that we do anyway every second) but to relive the memory of some distant time.

Its all about reminiscing about some pleasant time in the past, when things were simpler. Lets face it, unless your name is the Great Indian Chunkubaaz, the last millennium was definitely better for you.

The 90s were a happier time, a simpler time, a more joyous time – a time before terrorism and taxes and feminazis and John Cena.

Hell, for so many of us, it was a time before death entered our lives – that alone makes it much better.

And in our minds, we have created icons and associations for all that happiness – T-Rex and the Terminator.

And that is why last weekend had me watching an excessively meh film with a wide grin on my face.

I went to see the Terminator Genisys movie.

As far as stories go, its incredibly cluttered and confusing – not even the presence of Dr. Who can save that shit.

Simple, my dear fellows, is always better and the producers of the film completely forgot that.

Another aspect that producers should not forget – you need good actors. That Jai Courtney fella has done a horrible job here.

If you want me to rate the film, I will give it only 3 out of 5.

And all that 3 is for one reason and one reason only – for someone who is old, but no fucking way obsolete.

Just as he did for Judgment Day all those decades ago, the Governator runs away with this film. He delivered the one liners in this film in as impeccable a manner as is humanly possible. And anyone who has seen Kindergarden Cop or Twins knows that he is a surprisingly good comic actor.

He is by far the best thing about this movie.

And when he says “Take Care of my Sarah”, tears good people, copious quantities of tears.

Our beloved Arnold is not the greatest of actors, everyone knows that. But yet, there are very few people who can completely dominate the screen like he can. Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino and Kevin Spacey come to mind.

To quote Charlie Dickens, he is the worst of actors, he is the best of actors.

And that “old, not obsolete” statement resonates people, hits right there in the bullseye of the heart.


Another great aspect of the movie – the first Asian Terminator (real life Bangladeshis notwithstanding). In a weird way, its a positive sign towards racial equality.

I hope that the next movie will have an Indian Terminator – though that fucker will probably demand bribes/protection money from people and then form an union and go on strike.


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