A Greek Comedy

What have the Greeks ever given us?

Well, let’s see. They gave us:
1. Rome (never mind all that Romulus, Remus, wolf business), who, in turn, gave us everything. Of course by us, I mean the whiteboys – you know those guys who should play the funky music. Though admittedly, the whiteboys did give us – Indians – pants, Darjeeling, tea and cricket

2. Geometry, without which we are forked. Of course, they weren’t alone – the Babylonians, Egyptians and “fascist/Hindus” of ancient India also contributed enormously. (Read about Aryabhatta and Brahmagupta people…..although if you do, then the “seculars” will accuse of being saffronised)

3. Democracy of the purest kind, where women, children, the poor, the blacks and the slaves could not vote of course. (Its immensely funny when some numpty politician talks about essence of democracy etc)

4. Theatre and dramas and thus, in turn,European literature

5. Homosex

6. Philosophy

7. Olympics


It also gave us Alexander and Archimedes.

Now, only a fool or a Gudduda might say that Archimedes does not belong to the pantheon of greatest humans ever. Alexander, on the other hand, has always been a product of great marketing.

He has this reputation of being a great general but his exploits get dwarfed when compared to that of Tsubutai, the general of Genghis Khan.



While Alexander won wars because his enemy was stupid enough to employ elephants in muddy river banks or in the case of Darius 3 of Persia just run away….

Subutai directed more than twenty campaigns in which he conquered thirty-two nations and won sixty-five pitched battles, during which he conquered or overran more territory than any other commander in history. He gained victory by means of imaginative and sophisticated strategies and routinely coordinated movements of armies that were hundreds of kilometers away from each other. He is also remembered for devising the campaign that destroyed the armies of Hungary and Poland within two days of each other, by forces over five hundred kilometers apart.



But I digress.

Ever since giving us all those things all those years ago, the Greeks have been whining.

For two millenniums.

First, they whined about the Romans, then about the Germans and Huns, then about the Turks, then about the British, then about the Russians, then about the Nazis, then about the Turks again and now after honing 2000 years of skills in whining, they are whining about the whole of Europe.

Apparently because they gave us all those things all those years ago, the world should continuously give them money.

See, the Greeks wanted money, so they employed Goldman Sachs and together did all kinds of economic nefariousness to join the Euro. Once they joined the Euro, they asked for billions of Euros as loans.

So far so good.

But one of the rules of nature is that if you take a loan, you have to give it back.

So naturally, Europe asked Greece to pay back.

Greece said “I have no money. Gib money”

So Europe said, “Ok for the last time, we are giving you money. But spend it wisely. And start generating income on your own. Change pension age, get more private enterprises, raise taxes, spend less.”

But Greece decided to become Communist instead.


Germany_Rejects_Greek_Plea_for_More_Time_(Polandball) JQpws


Naturally, Europe went “What the hell! We told you to spend wisely, and instead you wasted it well. That’s it give back money.”

L0Rz7 gBbYu




The Greeks want all the comforts and benefits of capitalism when it comes to taking money but when its comes to giving back that money they are going into full Communist modes.

Its nothing but cheating of the highest order.

We have all been taught from a very wee age that if you ever need to borrow something from someone, you have to pay it back ASAP. That’s the moral, dignified correct human way of doing things.

Even if it means going through some temporary hardships.

The Greek commies do not want that, no siree. They have no morals, no responsibilities, no duties, no obligations.

In short, they are behaving like the dregs of humanity.

And if anybody is asking for the money back, the Greeks are calling them Nazis and that paying back money is a fascist act and against Greek dignity!!!

Egp9hYn Maze+game+germanyball+yuo+are+nazi_5a1f38_4625698

The Greek economy cannot grow, cause growth is anathema to the Communist system, they are against private enterprise. Moreover, it has so much bureaucracy and red tape, that no sane capitalist will come into the country and invest. The Greeks just want the government to pay for all of them, but will never pay a cent to the government in tax….because paying taxes to the government is against their dignity!!! 

That massive massive public system and pension system are unsustainable.

Greece has diddly squat to export, its whole economy is based on tourism. And the highest numbers of tourists are Germans – the very same people whom the Greeks are calling fascist scum and Nazis. 

There is 25-30% unemployment….without new private companies coming into the picture, either these guys will remain jobless or will get government jobs and will get paid with money the government does not have to begin with.



If the European countries bail out Greece again, then that’s it, the Euro will fall.

Countries like Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the eastern Europeans will all revolt – they had all gone through periods of austerity, they all went through the hardships.

They all cleaned up their acts and only then did they get more money.

If people start behaving like Greece, the whole world economy will collapse in a heartbeat and we will be back to the Stone Age.

But that’s exactly what the Communists want.


The Greeks are like a teenage Gudduda, they just want money and more money, but they do not want to work for it.


Disclaimer – All the cartoons are from Polandball -a geo-political satire. The artists there are fabulous.

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