Its On Like Donkey Kong

The challenge has been issued.

The challenge has been accepted.

A war is upon us people.

A Fight to the death.

Only involving giant robots.

Some Americans built a giant killer robot and then decided that it was a good idea to challenge Japan.



The Japanese response was entirely predictable.



You see people, the thing about Japan is that WW2 changed things


Japan changed





But the change isn’t permanent.

And given the right catalysts, we can always have situations like this








After all



And while USA was busy waging a war on health food



Japan was busy adopting Godzilla.

Moreover, USA recently defeated Japan in the Women’s World Cup final.

So revenge is definitely in the air.


images (1)




But as usual, they are not looking at the bigger picture.

Its another symptom of the rise of the machines people.

If you continue to ignore all the warnings, you will end up with Judgment Day.



Am busy stocking up the essentials – chocolates, salt, potatoes and vodka – in my bunker.


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