No Just No



















Fuck that shit


I don’t mind a black Spiderman – why should I? The probability of black schoolkid being bitten by a radioactive spider is just equal to the probability of a white schoolkid being bitten by a radioactive spider.

I don’t mind the lady Thor. Though that’s a technicality – Thor is Odin’s son, there cannot be any other Thor. However, the wielder of Mjolnir (The Hammer) can be anyone as long as they are virtuous and worthy. So why not a lady?

I don’t mind the female Ghostbusters at all – I love Melissa McCarthy and the film should be fun.

I don’t even mind all those reboots – as long as the story is solid. My boycott of Batman vs Superman is purely personal – its a boycott against Ben Affleck as Batman, nothing else.

But now they have gone too far.

Apparently there was a need to reboot Archie and make it modern.

Fine do it, give all the gadgets, give all the current backdrops, politics, social issues – whatever teenagers nowadays do and love and hate etc.

But was it really necessary to change the faces?

The name Archie conjures up orange hair, freckles and puppy eyes…..well at least that’s what it does in the minds of the civilized and educated – Cthulhu knows what it conjures up in the minds of the Gudduda.



These are the classics, change their dresses, change their accessories, hell change their haircuts and make up.

But why is there a need to change everything?


Anyway, Archie is the hero, so Archie has to be ‘hip and modern’ – fine I understand that.

But why Jughead?

Jughead is the enduring mystery of the Riverdale universe.

He is weird, he is cooky, he is mysterious, he is spooky.

He is supposed to be different.

That’s his whole essence, his whole purpose.


In the original comics, he would be the hipster against the ordinariness of the others.

But in this avatar, when everyone is a hipster, Jughead can’t be a hipster too.

Jughead’s role, Jughead’s essence is to be the different one.

images (12)

What they are doing with his looks is a travesty.

A travesty and a humanitarian disaster .

A crime against humanity.


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