Just Give Her the Citizenship

There are about 120 crore (1.2 billion) Indians and about 10 crore (100 million) illegal Bangladeshis loitering around India at any given time.

A vast majority of them serve no purpose to society, and before someone misunderstands let me clarify that I am not talking about the urban poor. The urban poor perform a huge role in society – they are maids, road cleaners, rag pickers, manual labourers, coolies etc etc.

Hell, keeping morality aside, even the prostitutes perform an important role is society.

They are all living their own lives, working hard trying to feed their families. These are essential members of society who deserve all the respect and dignity.

No am talking about the thieves, the rapists, the corrupt police, the Communists, the terrorists, the Bangladeshis, The Gudduda etc – people who serve no purpose, who deserve no respect and yet by birth or by bribe, they have the claim to be called Indians.

Despite doing diddly squat for India.

There is this European lady who has done for Indians than all the above mentioned put together.

Am talking of the Swiss Miss (no idea if she is married) Martina Hingis.

2 slams in back to back days – both with Indians (though one of the married a Pakistani….why o why…was there a shortage of rich handsome Muslim men in India???).

On Saturday she partnered Sania Mirza and won the ladies Doubles championship at Wimbledon in an extremely hard fought final.

sania-hingis-champions Martina-Hingis-left-and-S-009

And then on Sunday she partnered the Grand Old man Leander Paes the Great and won the Mixed Doubles Championship at Wimbledon.

leander-paes-martina-hingis-wimbimages (6)

And what a performance by the two.

That 6-1 6-1 victory has to rank amongst the all time great doubles performances of all time.

Even the 2 opponents were smiling by the end – knowing that they are in the presence of something special.

Living legends, right there.

And that’s why, she more than just about anybody else, deserves an honorary citizenship (though why she would want one is a different matter altogether)


Not that British press cared much. They have gone into national collective mourning after their favorite Roger Federer was pulverized by the best in the world Novak Djokovic.

For the last one month, the British press ran an appalling vilification campaign against the Djoker trying to undermine him so that their own Andy Murray might have an advantage.

As usual, Murray bottled it against Federer in the semis.

So, the British press promptly went into full wankfest over Federer and how he is the greatest, how he is a living god, how he farts lavender and shites diamonds and how he has only to turn up at the finals to win and the angels will sing and the world will be full of rainbows and unicorns.

Well, to their – and that biased uncivilised centre court crowd’s – deep disappointment, mortification and embarrassment, The Djoker handed Federer a lesson in tennis.

He is not only the best player in the world – by a huge margin – now, he is easily one of the greatest of all time. He already has 9 Grand Slams – 5 Australian Open, 3 Wimbledon and 1 US Open. Do you really think that he is not going to win another 3/4/5/6/7 before he retires?

If you do, then you are either living in a fool’s paradise or your name is Gudduda.

This year’s Wimbledon belongs to Serena Williams, to the Djoker and to the Indians – thanks to a Swiss.


p.s. Did anybody see that Boy’s champion lad? What’s a 6 feet 10 inches tall American lad doing playing tennis instead of basketball?


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