Small Step for Man, Giant Step for Mankind

Everyday we are swamped with news – some breaking, some not so breaking – some downright bizzare – like the KFC rat or the German lady who was “stalked” by a squirrel or that runaway cow comes home in Poland.

The world has been awash recently with news about the Greek Communist scum, The Iran agreement, NASA and Pluto, Bastian Schweinsteiger to ManU, IPL, Vyapam, how Roger Federer farts lavender, pees rainbows and shits platinum, and how its all Modi’s fault….and all that leaving aside the entertainment industry.

And in all that cacophony and sensationalism, the real good news, news that can transform lives often get pushed at the back pages or deleted.

A small step by one often goes on to become one giant step for mankind.

And such a step happened recently in Spain

Let me elaborate.

Prado, Spain’s premier art museum, recently created an exhibition for the blind. They created special reproductions of some classical paintings and allowed visually impaired guests to touch the paintings. This allowed the guests to create a mental image of the paintings.

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“They use a relief painting technique that adds volume and texture to allow the blind, or those with limited vision, a chance to create a mental image of a painting by feeling it.

Water bowls are ready for accompanying guide dogs and an audio guide advises blind visitors how to best explore the paintings through touch.

The copies in the Prado exhibition have the same proportions as the originals but are smaller to allow blind guests to touch and feel their way through the entire surface.”

This is an epoch making step people.

Good art is universal and, barring literature, the greatest accomplishment of mankind. (Of course, am disqualifying all that post modern rubbish.)

But for thousands of years, visually impaired people could not appreciate and enjoy the beauty, the splendor, the glory of art.

Not anymore.

The trend for being disabled friendly had already started in many places.

Many museums had already taken steps to aid the visually impaired people.

The Neus Museum in Berlin has a replica made of the famous Nefertiti’s bust for visually impaired people to touch all over. Our very own Victoria Memorial has a huge ass book in Braille detailing all the exhibits.

Positive steps are few and far between.

So whenever you hear about something which is most definitely a step in the right direction, you have to applaud.


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