Weapons of Mass Devastation

For a long time mankind has been fascinated with weapons of mass destruction.

Just look at our epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata – the protagonist have so many such weapons, including the Brahmastra.

Ancient Greece was similarly enthralled by the idea of mass destruction – that’s why a certain Mr. Archimedes was so famous.

The ancient Egyptians got a taste of weapons of mass destruction courtesy that genocidal Moses (why is this man a hero? he calmly ordered the death of thousands of children!!)

The Mongols were, just by being Mongols, a weapon of mass destruction, devastation and desolation. And that was before they weaponised the goddamn Bubonic plague.


We also have Greek fire – that caused havoc in the ancient world (and Westeros), longbows that wreaked havoc in the Anglo French wars (a summary of 500 years of warfare – the French surrendered), guns that destroyed the Native Indian, Maya and Inca nations throughout the Americas and the atom and nuclear bombs of modern times.

And all that without even considering the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever devised by humans – Communism.


But is it?


You see people, there is another couple of things out there which has been destroying mankind – and lesbiankind- throughout human history.



I am not being anti-feminist here.

Just stating facts.

Women have boobies.

We men have been genetically programmed to be bewitched, beguiled, captivated, dazzled, enchanted, enthralled, fascinated, hypnotized, intrigued, mesmerized and spellbound by boobies.

We can’t help it – its in our DNA.




Since the dawn of time, men have been doing stupid shit in order to get access to boobies.

From the man who discovered fire to the man who invented wheel right down to the men who sent that rocket to Pluto, all man has created, discovered or achieved has been for the sole purpose of boobies.


images wnd_36f9c67cbed6ed07c413bef892873ef7


More men have died for boobies and due to boobies than any and all other weapons put together.

Look at Ramayana – reason for war?


Look at Mahabharata – reason for war?


Look at Iliad – reason for war?


Look at Odyssey – reason for epic journey?



They are truly the greatest weapons of mass destruction and devastation.

Don’t believe me?


A woman has been convicted of assaulting a police officer with her breasts during a violent protest in Hong Kong.
Ng Lai-ying was taking part in a demonstration against parallel trading on the streets of Yuen Long in March this year when the incident is said to have took place.
The 30-year-old claimed that Chief Inspector Chan had tried to grab her bag but instead touched her left breast.
However, Inspector Chan insisted that it was Lai-ying who bumped her breasts onto his arm before falsely accusing him of assault.
The magistrate sided with Chan, telling Lai-ying: “You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you.” He added that her “malicious” claims were damaging to Chan’s reputation.

Lai-Ying will be sentenced later this month.



Naturally, the feminazis have gone ape shit about this weirdness.

And so the battlelines have been drawn

Feminazis vs Communists


Let me grab some popcorn.

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