War on Smoking

Who kills more people?


Heroine? (chechez la femme and all that malarkey –










In fact, it is tobacco.

And you know why?

Because those smoking cigarettes are not only killing themselves, they are also murdering the likes of me and you (if you are a non-smoker) and worst of all the children.


But Bangladeshis are also raping and murdering the likes of you and me; they aren’t even sparing the children.

So what is the difference between tobacco and Bangladeshis?

There are two

One difference is that tobacco smells a whole lot nicer than Bangladeshis.

But the main difference is that nobody advertises Bangladeshis to be cool. Everybody knows that the Bangladeshis are evil dregs of humanity, but for some warped politics they are tolerated and encouraged in their genocidal activities.


The tobacco industry spends billions in advertising their products, they brainwash imbeciles into buying the myth that smoking is somehow cool.


You see teenagers and young adults are by definition morons.

They know nothing but they believe they understand everything; they earn nothing but instead waste their parents’ money and they spend 24/7/365 thinking of fucking.

These imbeciles are highly impressionable – which is why politicians and criminals throughout history have targeted their brainwash.

And that is why the advertisers target them too.

95% of people who smoke start doing so in their teens or at the most when they are young adults. Few weirdos start even younger and some silly asses when they are older and should know better.


Now, governments worldwide are trying to clamp down on cigarette advertisements and marketing.

Nowadays you can’t show anyone smoking without giving that disclaimer that smoking in injurious to health. All cigarette packets have to contain images of some doomed and diseases lungs – in the hope that it will act as a deterrent. There are new rules about smoking in public places and about shops that sell such stuff cant be near schools and colleges etc.


And all those measures have done a grand total of diddly squat when it comes to the sale of cigarettes.

Moronic imbeciles are still happily smoking like one of those old coal engines.


So what can the government do?

As usual, I have ideas.

1. Threats of cancer don’t scare young people; most of them think that they are heroes like Salman Khan and thus are above the laws of government, humanity, physics or nature. They don’t give a damn about suffering and death because being incredibly selfish and self-centered they think that suffering and death can only happen to other people.


So what do they fear?

1a. Impotency – Cigarette smoking may cause cancer has no impact – cigarette smoking will cause impotency will bring down sales in a massively gargantuan amount.

1b. Gays – Don’t ask my why but being called “gay” is still one of the worst insults you can think of when you are a teenager (I did mention that they are basically imbeciles).

The scene where one guy calls another gay and the one being called gay vigorously protests and tries to establish his heterosexuality is a scene that plays out thousands of times each day.

So, juts put a picture of a penis (preferably one suffering from gonorrhea or herpes) on cigarette packets. Sales would plummet in record time.


2. Tax the fuckers

Just increase taxes on cigarette and tobacco by 50% every single year, year after year.

So, if a packet of 10 cigs cost INR 100 on 1 Aug 2015, it should cost INR 150 on 1 August 2016, INR 225 on 1 Aug 2017, INR 338 on 1 Aug 2018, INR 507 on 1 Aug 2019 and INR 760 on 1 Aug 2020.

images (1)

Its absolutely simple.

If you want to smoke, by all means go ahead and smoke but you should pay the piper.

The government can invest all that extra money generated for buildings hospitals, toilets, schools etc (or if the government is headed by Congress, then it in Robert Vadra’s company).

The hardcore smokers like Sandesh Raju will continue smoking 2 packs a day and then complain that he has no money, but at least he will indirectly help the poor of the country to get an education, some healthcare and the ability to pee and poo in peace.


Raising taxes will also help in another way.

The moronic imbeciles – or teenagers if you will – have a limited amount of pocket money. There is no way in hell that amount will increase by 50% every year.

And so, just by the virtue of simple economics, their cigarette consumption will go down.

These idiots get addicted by smoking 10-20 a day.

With raised taxes and thus prices, they will be able to smoke at the most 2 or 3 a day, and in time, not even one.

Voila, no more addiction.


And the world’s greatest damage causing monstrosity conquered, just like that.


Ideas, good people, ideas, I have many.


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