Dafuq Mumbai Police

The Mumbai Police is well on its way to reaching the nadir of policing. It soon going to enter its name in the Guinness Book of World records for having the biggest bunch of moronic imbeciles in its forces.

They can’t protect the city from terrorists, they can’t stop anyone from bombing anything, they can’t catch a single smuggler, hell they can’t even catch Salman Khan, they cant stop the production of spurious liquor which takes hundreds of lives every year, they can’t stop rape, they can’t stop young girls from being trafficked and forced into prostitution, they can’t stop child labour, they can’t stop riots

But there’s one area where they are the world champions

Moral policing and abusing terrifying insulting and humiliating young people.

It makes them feel so big, so superior, so useful.
In the latest bout of circlejerk, these disgraces to the khakhi uniforms went and arrested 40 couple from their hotel rooms under the pretense of public indecency. They insulted the people, humiliated them, and in some cases even physically abused them – and after all that fined them under crappy false charges.





Say what you like Bengal but imagine the Kolkata police trying a stunt like this. Being beaten black and blue would be just the beginning and the least of their worries.

Each and every one of these Mumbai cops should be kicked out of the force, mere suspension is too good for these fuckwits (pardon my Klatchian).

One thought on “Dafuq Mumbai Police

  1. This is a problem with the establishment as a whole and is pretty widespread. I don’t think an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ would help in this case. What we need to do is ensure is that our elected MLAs understand our sentiments and do not resort to populist pseudo-socialist tactics to strengthen their vote bank. Policing is just a mechanism, not an autonomous institution, and is more or less a tool for our electoral representatives to enforce law and order.

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