Cech Mate

They won the preseason.

Their fans proclaimed that this year is their year.

They fans claimed that they had the best keeper, the best defensive midfielder the best attacking midfielder the best striker, the best winger, the best coach, the best manager and the best Wilshire in their ranks so success was inevitable.

Their fans went around as if the league was over and they had already become champions.

And so naturally their greatest manager somehow managed to lose in the very 1st match of the league to an opposition made up of 16 year old Spurs rejects.

And Arsenal played with all their “best players” including Alexis Sanchez.

Oh Arsene

Talking of Spurs, they are nothing if not consistent.

They believe in history, they believe in tradition and they fulfilled their yearly obligation of losing to ManU by well losing to ManU. Hell, they belive in tradition so much that when ManU failed to score, they scored a goal i n their own nets to hand ManU the victory.

Slaven Bilic and those bubble bothering Hammers surprised everyone by dominating Le Arse.

But they weren’t the most surprising team of the matchday.

That honour would belong to Leicester, who thrashed Sunderland and to Watford who gave Everton an allmighty scare before settling for a draw.

And then there is Chelsea who huffed and puffed like a bunch of arthritic zombies on lsd and frankly were lucky to get a draw against a very good Swansea.

And then Mourinho blamed Dr. Eva.

City were City.

That leaves Liverpool, the footballing equivalent of smallpox. They somehow scraped through a 1-0 win against Stoke.

And so naturally their fans are jumping out and down claiming this year is their year.


All old timers know that one matchday does not determine anything, especially so if its the very first matchday of the league.

The most it can do is to set some record or break some record.

And a long standing record was broken in Matchday 1

Petr Cech had never lost a home game under Mourinho….not once in 110 games.

With Arsene Wenger, he lost his first.


Oh Arsene


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