Dont You Ever Change Porkis, Dont You Ever Change

Ah Porkistan

What will the world do without it?

You have to respect it for being directly involved in 90% of the world’s shit

Its greatest trick/industry seems to be to brainwash uneducated (or madrassah educated, which amounts to the same thing) young men into sacrificing themselves for some mythical heaven.

The Porkistani elite are easily the greatest and most privileged people in the world – they don’t have to live a finger to do any actual work, all they have to do is maintain status quo and keep Porkistan as a shithole.

And make bombastic speeches so that those dunderheads over at USAUSAUSA keep giving them bucketloads of money.

The rich keep getting richer and the poor remain uneducated, poor, with no access to even rudimentary rights or infrastructure or education, completely ripe for the brainwash perpetrated by the Saudi funded mullahs.

Waging a war on the police or army is one thing – but Porkistan is continuously sending morons to kill innocent civilians.

That imbecile Naveed who came here to “kill Hindus” is a perfect example of Porkistan’s heinosity.

cartoon12 Cartoon2 pakistan-tightened-border-security 3 cartoon4 2cxajht

And here’s a newsflash for the “seculars” – no amount of hand wringing, excuse finding or ‘aman ki asha’ and Porkis are our brothers will change the scene.

Peace can come only when the elite desire it and the Porki elite knows that if the bogie of India goes away then they will have to actually move off their butts and develop the country.

Thus – kill India, kill Hindus etc etc.

There is only one solution people – and the solution is nuclear.


In other Porky related news, in the latest episode of road rage Porky style, some silly ass fired on Wasim Akram, one of the all time great cricketers, and went away.

Just imagine some idiot shooting at our greats – can you even picturise what would happen to the perp after shooting Kapil Dev, Tendulkar, Dada, Dravid, Dhoni etc?


The mind boggles

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